The Dove (one of my best friends) and I wrote a story. She lives in Johannesburg; I live in London.
We write stories together from time to time, and given the physical distance, we do it over email.
Our response time is usually between 5-10 minutes of each other, so we can usually knock something together fairly quickly.

It's cut into a few parts, and is [probably] slightly offensive. If you're South African, you might find it slightly funny. We hope so anyway. If you don't, well, fuck you. It's all in the name of fun.

Local hero and printer salesman.

  • The Dayde Glossary. What Dayde wears, eats and owns. Cross-reference with your own personal lifestyle!
We really want to write more stories. If you have a character in mind, or a situation, a bunch of keywords that need stringing together or even just a suggestion - drop us a line at peasontoast@gmail.com
We take orders! For free! Send us your scene, or even just a bunch of random words or names. We'll pull them together and create a masterpiece.*

Disclaimer: Of course, what we write might be utter drivel; and might not have the potential be Ernest Hemingway; it might not even make any sense. It'll have the word 'fuck' in it; and it might be worthy of publication on a printed page. We can't guarantee the quality, but we can guarantee that we will write something.

*Highly subjective masterpiece.


Kate said...

Can one of your stories have a happy ending? you know the type - 'And they lived happily ever after.'

Kat said...

Yesterday I saw a guy who was obviously from the plaas but dressed very oddly. He was wearing veldskoen with bright lumo pink rugby socks, very short khaki pants with a brown belt and a an office style button up shirt that matched the socks. I am sure there is a story about a character as odd as that.