Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Now Khali has decided to question my work. Because she's a PA, you see, and I'm a copywriter, she thinks that she can somehow write. So she asks why I wrote this or that, then I tell her why and she's stumped and goes "oh." I'm getting more than slightly annoyed right now.

Thank god mum's bringing wine tonight. AND i get to clean the house while steve cooks! I'm like Monica in Friends that way. I love cleaning shit. Am going to vacuum, wipe, clean the loo, put out fresh flowers. Because my mother is more anal than me, it's best I do it anyway. She might just come with her white glove and run her finger over the ledges and go, "hmmm, this place is VERRRRY dusty, laurian." And in the spirit of true good hostessness, am going to put on a good show. In the meantime, get me out this office. Did some good work today considering. Have made entire brochure. And Michelle likes it (PR lady), so that's all that counts.

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