Tuesday, January 25, 2005


So I get a phonecall from a friend who's an auditer - lucky, lucky guy - who's just come back from an audit in the Free State. (Standard farming area; nothing there; cept rows and rows of maize. Think Kanses). He was driving back to Joburg late last night, and was tired. You know how large trucks have those red and yellow reflective signs on the back of them, in a chevron-design? Well, he saw a sign ahead of him, flicks on his indicator, checks his blind spot, veers his car into the next lane to overtake the truck......and lands in a maize field. Turns out he hit a t-junction and THOUGHT it was a truck. He ended up making crop circles on a maize farm instead.
He reversed out of there, after he'd woken up, obviously and carried on driving.

I thought that was pretty funny.

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