Friday, January 14, 2005

new wheels

Well Stevo has settled on a new car. An Audi A3. Quite a big jump from his little Mazda 323. I'm super chuffed, hoping that I'll get in lots of driving time. One altercation: the car is orangy-gold. Literally the colour between orange and amber. I think that rocks, but he doesn't agree. Nevertheless, he'll be driving around in style from now on. Thta's what's so frustrating about Joburg. Having an expensive car is the highest status symbol ever. You can live in a tin shack, but if you drive a shiny car, you're considered "rich." That's also because cars here are so expensive. So what does it mean then if I drive a clapped out old golfcart and live in a decent apartment in a decent suburb? Nothing - I need to have a car worth a kajillion rand first. Strange isn't it? Joburg is like an Africanised Los Angeles, with all its showy wealth. It's been showy. Fully.

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