Monday, February 28, 2005


The weekend was crappahontis. From that fateful Thursday, it felt as though somebody had taken a giant soup ladle and slowly scooped out my lower abdomen, leaving a vortex of dismay, panic and endless sadness in me. I have been emotionally disembowelled, for lack of a better term. Thanks everyone for their kind comments!

In this empty carcass lies images of him fucking some bimbo 21-year old. So I’m putting my foot down. Next time I see him, I’m going to tell him that I don’t really want to be friends with him. Otherwise its torture and I’ll feel like this again, which isn’t exactly nice. It's the only way.

It gets messier. His friend that was chatting me up hasn't stopped smsing me since Thursday. He knows I have a boyfriend, and he is a sweet guy, but eventually I told him "I'm just not interested. Besides, I have more guy issues at the moment than the Queen has corgis, so best you keep a safe distance." He said he just wants to get to know me. And he's been texting me snippets of info, randon information all weekend :"Phew, just got back from gym. I'm really unfit these days!" Crap.

It's not only my ego that's bruised. I got a yellow fever shot on Saturday. I’m going to Tanzania (deepest darkest Africa) in two weeks and the diseases there are pretty hectic. It's compulsory to get a yellow fever jab, but my arm is all bruised now. It stung like a bitch.

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B said...

Don't let him get to you again like that. It is probably best to tell him that you don't want anything to do with him anymore. Do what makes you comfortable and don't give a second thought to how hes going to feel. Things are what you want them to be now, and if you can't handle the situation, then tell him that. Sound's kindof fishy anyways how all of the sudden he wants to be your friend again after hes been fucked around by some chick... I would say don't let him have the chance to have your company again. You deserve a lot better than that.

And no comments on my blog? :`(

Hopefully things work out a lot better for you. Who knows, meybe he won't talk to you again after that? We can only hope... Try and have a better week, Brandon.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Brandon. You're so right. He totally has all of this in his control and I don't. So I'm not going to go through this again. I don't think I can physically take it. Thanks for all your comments. I've been a little out of the loop of late, but will checak out your blog now xx

B said...

It's ok, I know how life works out sometimes. Trust me, read the new one I posted like 10 seconds after you left a comment... :P And nice picture. I'm gonna use that for my MSN avatar now. Thanks. :)

Lola said...

La, Wow, sounds like you had a hectic one. Im feeling physically ill due to the fact that I havent eaten a thing and I have no money to buy food. So if I dont post for a few days, just know that I've withered up and died from hunger. oh and heres something for you: (insert hug here). mwah!

Peas on Toast said...

Oh no Lola! I know I have lived off tinned baked beans for an entire month, but I even managed to avoid scurvy! Can I send you some chow??

When do you get paid?? [very worried expression on my face right now]

FacelessLily said...

Men! Argh... read my latest post. All about women!

drtim said...

remember the "donts". dont call, dont text, dont see him.

why do you want to be friends with your ex? is it because the 2 of you get on so well or simply because you miss what you remember of the relationship.

move on and it will all get better.

Binsk said...

Probably best to stay away from him until you are over him. Otherwise like you said it will just get you all wound up.

Christopher said...

Laurian, you know that I'm having no joy with my ex. She's found someone else but still wants me around. She knows that I wont move on if we are friends.

Plus, I found out that she may not have been all that fateful while we were dating!!

Jesus. It's a bind. Why is there always one evil ex?

Laurian, I'm totally with you.

Peas on Toast said...

Facelesslilly - I will read your post with anticipation...

drtim - you're right. The donts. The reason I wanted, as in past tense, be friends with the ex was for a number of [honest] reasons:
1) Find closure
2) I missed him
3)Wanted to know if he actually still loved me.

I found closure, I do miss him and he doesnt love me. So now I'm totally blowing it off.

Robin - Hard as it is to do, its certainly the sensible thing to do. No more ex.

Chris - I thought of final text message to send him last night. His name is Richard, aka Dick I suppose. What do you think of this: "It just seems too coincedental that your parents called you Dick. This friendship thing doesnt do it for me. So be a dickhead to somebody else."

Bitchy but clear, eh??

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