Thursday, March 17, 2005

Blogger is a bugger hey. I post something up and it duplicates itself three times over.

I woke up with a migraine on one one side of my head this morning. It was the most bizarrely painful thing - only one side of my head hurt like hell. Not that I care though - because:

1) Today is St Patrick's Day (and Steve's birthday) so I will celebrate adequately by wearing green (the new pink) and drinking Guinness.

2) Tomorrow I'm going to Zanzibar.

So in a nutshell, toodleloo my bloggy friends. I shall be back on 28 March. I'm not so sure how frequent internet cafe's are in equatorial Africa, so I can't promise anything. I will try to give updates if the opportunity arises.

But until then: may your days be filled with free-flowing traffic, half-price beer and loads of fantastic monkey sex.

xxxxx mwah xxxxx

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