Monday, March 14, 2005

bring on friday. please.

Things that have happened today:
1) Was kept awake by solitary mosquito last night. The entire night. Even me putting the duvet over my head and making a breathing hole out of this didn’t stop the little f&cker. Am very grumpy today as a result.

2) Still have a stalker. But he’s calmed down due to a nefariously trite e-mail I sent him. As a result, only been phoned twice today, as opposed to the usual 5 times, plus 10 or so text messages as opposed to 15. I should be so lucky to only hear from him twice a week.

3) God I feel for pork chops and mash. With crispy crackling. Guess what’s for dinner at Laurian’s house?

4) Trying to sort out my Schengen visa is a beeyutch of note. I hate being South African sometimes. I need the following, just for SIX DAYS in Europe. (Amsterdam/Brussels in April.)
– proof that I’m employed/letter from big boss
- proof of [exorbitant] funds
- like three itineraries
- faxes from all the hotels I’m staying at (e-mails don’t count)
- [the most expensive option] travel insurance
- the usual, like a valid passport and photos
- possible proof that I’m not a neo-Nazi/terrorist
That’s just to APPLY! Steve’s British so doesn’t have to go through this admin. How tremendously annoying!

5) I’m leaving the country on Friday, flying off to the [idyllic] island of Zanzibar for ten days. So excited, could die. Plus that means stalker is here, and I’m there. A tan, the beach and pina coladas is exactly what I desperately need right now. Bring it.


Nettie said...

Make sure you take plenty of bug repellent for those annoying mosquitoes on Zanzibar!

Two | Face said...

HAHAHA I love the way you use word, sometimes I don't even know them and have never heared of them but they look nice and they sound nice.

By the way good morning Laurian, so did you have pork chops and mash?

Peas on Toast said...

Nettie - Funny you say that: we bought like 3 cans of bug spray, 2 citronella candles and a net last night so that we dont get malaria.

Mrarty - thanks bud! I'm glad you like my use of the Engliah vocabulary. I use monolithic words just cause I like the way they sound ;)And I did have pork chops and mash! I went home and fried myself up the biggest chop ever - in garlic and herbs. God it was good. And I sat in front of "That 70s Show" and ate like a little piggy. It was bliss! :)

Two | Face said...

My favorite meal is mash with baked beans and pork sausages. Makes my mouth water when I think about it.

Peas on Toast said...

Ooooooohhh hello mommy! bangers and mash, bring it!

Two | Face said...

My mom makes this delicious spaghetti dish with a spinach, cream, blue cheese sauce. Now as a finishing touch it needs roasted pine tree pits. You can wake me up for that.

Lola said...

Hey... can you tell me how to get a Schengan visa... or however thats spelt. And where would I go to apply for one? How long are you going for? and where are you going?

I want to go to London for about 2 weeks and then to Prague for 1 week. What visas would i need?

Oooh i cant wait.

Lola said...
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Peas on Toast said...

Hey Lola!

Well I'm not too sure for London, I don't think you need a visa, as long as you have a return ticket outta there. You do need a schengen for prague I think. Give the embassy a buzz and find out. Then prepare to go through the same crap as I am with all the frigging paperwork...
hey nice to see you back by the way! xx