Wednesday, March 30, 2005

my beach

zanzibar 323
Originally uploaded by laurian.
this is our personal beach on Chumbe island. At high tide, you frollick in this warm water with reef sharks, dolphins and other oceanic creatures. The first time I swam in this bay, I nearly had a heart attck - when a shark gently and unassumingly glided past me. I turned into an outboard motor and ran on water. But I chilled out and got used to swimming with fish with giant razorsharp teeth.

In the morning the tide resides so far back, you wouldnt believe it.


Blondie said...

Wow...that is so beautiful!

Nettie said...

Your very own shark- how cool is that?

maryannejane said...

How did you end up at Chumbe Island?not a lot of people even know where DAR is!