Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Am I lucky? Maybe. I didn’t die today. And I got out of the Meeting From Hell two hours early.

I feel like somebody has stuffed my noggin with noxious pig straw. How can that be good for company performance, pray tell?

Basically the company is undergoing huge restructure. Which means that they might retrench some of us that aren’t putting out.
Perhaps this is gratifying to know, because I may be going to San Francisco before the end of the year. Or not. Perhaps I’m just highly pissed off. Perhaps I’m ready to kill the upper echelons of this godforsaken organisation. Or perhaps I don’t give a flying f *ck.

Perhaps I’m also annoyed because my stalker is still freaking me out. (“No I will not come out to lunch with you. No, no, and no.”)

Perhaps I’m ready to get on that plane to Tanzania and drown myself in tequila slammers, insect repellent and warm tsunami-free ocean. (let’s hope.)


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Nettie said...

Don't forget that insect repellent! And why San Francisco, pray tell?