Thursday, March 17, 2005

pseudo art

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I've always found the concept of modern bauhausy art in South Africa really halarious. Take this for example. Cars balanced together and held together with what looks like giant pantyhose. This "statue" lies in a park in Newtown, close to the CBD.

Tourists must balk.


Two | Face said...

Is it me or is Blogger just really slow. Any who good morning Laurian.

I like the picture, it's hard to make out what it would do for you when you're actually standing in front of it, like certain paintings. I can still shoot myself for not being patient enough at the Louvre. The queue was sooooo long I just refused to wait any longer and said it was just a painting.

Peas on Toast said...

Arrrg blogger is driving me nuts! I've posted the same pic THREE times. Also, I was commenting on your rainforest protector thing. Does that mean you handcuff yourself to a tree so that the big bad guys don't cut them down :)

Two | Face said...

Nah it was more in de line of:

I was very interested in the samurai from an early age and I wanted to kill the killers.

Paperslut said...

we have a lot of 'modern art' installations here in bombay... dashed if i can figure out what they mean.

there's this one made of really large nails, that looks like an ice-cream of some sort... turns out to be a 'representation of tension between india and pakistan'.


"it's all about implied understanding" - my 'art' teacher in school.