Monday, April 04, 2005

Although I hate and love my ex at the same time, and I still get awfully cut up over the bugger - it's not all bad. His friends love me. And I look upon this little fact with a solid smirk on my face. This little situation is a helluva lot better than if his mates hated me. They really are, unlike him, fantastic guys. It's strange really. They treat women well, have the ability to actually have a long-term relationship and are ambitious. My ex is none of those.

Look I'm not going to lie: one of his mates is my infamous stalker. But still, it's pretty funny in a twisted and warped kind of way.

Anyway, on Friday evening, after work, a whole bunch of us met at the bowling club for some cheap drinkie-poos. Nick, one of ex's best mates joined us. We had a nice chat about the ex - nice enough not to hurt, and profound enough not to be just smalltalk - and he partied the night away with us. Us being me and my current boyfriend Steve. What a classic situation?! We all only got home at 4:00am. (As a result, I've had a roaring hangover ALL weekend....)

Then I get an e-mail first thing this morning from Nick saying "thanks for such an awesome night!" You always really wonder what the ex is thinking though. It can be one of two things:
1) Confusion. Why is my ex so pally with my best mates? She obviously isn't over me.
2) Confusion. Why is my ex so pally with my best mates? She must be sooooooo cool. Why didn't I see it in the first place. *jealousy.*

I'm thinking it's # 1.

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