Friday, May 06, 2005


I have a question: you know when you're a couple and you go out with other couples? And one particular couple is ALWAYS competing with you? No?

Steve's friend Paul is going out with Lorin. We see them every now and then. Over dinners and stuff. We first started noticing things like how they would always be completely lovey-dovey in front of each other - but ONLY when we were around. Then comment on how we fight.

OK, so that pissed me off.

Then the other night it just got ridiculous. Everything we would say, they'd say the opposite and vice versa. Especially Lorin. She is always competing with me, and it's not even flattering.

For instance: I thought my Tom Yum Goong wasn't spicy. Lorin decided it was, then after I said I thought it wasn't, decided it wasn't.
She loves steak, I hate it.
We went to Zanzibar, they went to Mauritius. Who had a better time? Them of course, because they drank bottles of Veuve Cliquot at a friend's house one night.
"Where'd you buy your jeans Laurian?"
Me: Nowhere interesting.
Her: Well I got mine at Guess and they cost me a fortune. And my mother bought me this jacket from Gucci.


We moved to Rosebank in Johannesburg, they moved nearby.
Steve got a new car, Paul says it's totally unecessary.

I went to Europe, but because Lorin is an architect, apparently she would've appreciated the buildings more. Shut the fuck up.

I speak French. Guess who's going to learn. But now, Paul reckons they'll do Spanish because French is a shit language. That makes me mad, presses all my little buttons because I have a certain loyalty to the French. Actually.

OK, so I'm being totally petty. But this couple pisses me off and Steve and I are trying to avoid them like the plague.
Also Paul is an asshole after a couple of drinks. The kind of person that can drive any normal patient person crazy because arrogance just spwes out of him like fresh pooh.

I am petty. But honestly, there is nothing I can feel besides pettiness for these people right now.


zuzula said...

They sound like the kind of people you should emigrate in order to avoid ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Don't think I haven't though of that.
Because I really, really really have.

Even if it means I get a secondment in the Ukraine.

"Ooh Laurian your hair looks so funny today. Obviously don't get it cut by Toni & Guy."

zuzula said...

where on earth did you find them?!

Ed Abbey said...

I know people like that and I have learned to just ignore their comments and move on because it definitely isn't worth fretting over. They ask me where I buy my jeans and I tell them at which discount store. They then tell me they bought theirs at the GAP. I then immediately ask them about something else without a 'that's nice' or evey an 'oh'. In fact I just act as if I didn't even hear it at all. I have found that method is the best way of getting the point across that I DON'T CARE!

P.S. French is a shit language... but only because I learned Spanish in school! ;)

Binsk said...

Yes I know this kind of people...avoidance is the best way to handle it.

Stephanie said...

If it weren't for the fact that Steve is friends with Paul, I would be tempted to say "Who was that pretty blonde I saw you with on Tuesday?" or something like that. Get him in shit with Lorin and that will shut the twats up..