Monday, May 23, 2005

welcome to my edition of days of our lives

Well. Staturday. I don't want to sound repititious, but...fuck.
Well, in some ways fuck, in other ways, not-so-fuck.

The pants were black to blend into the top and actually made my caboose look smaller, so was very happy. The ex said I looked "in mint condition," which I am assuming means, "God woman you're driving me mad with lust."

And now for Days of Our Lives. For those of you who don't know, I love and have a boyfriend. I also love my ex, always will. Willing to try hypnotherapy to forget him even. The boyfriend and I broke up for 48 hours this weekend. I saw my ex for 48 hours. YOu fill in the gaps. He wants me. This is wonderful. But me and boyfriend got back together because I love him more. So ex is bummed. And I'm bummed I can't be two people at once to quench my insatiable lust for two men.

And the ex has improved and matured somewhat. He found me my coat when he thought I looked cold, he made me coffee, drove me around, watched the dvd I wanted to watch (Love Actually) and generally behaved like a right gentleman.

But I'm with my boyfriend for a reason, so life is as it was on Friday. See and lust the ex; live with and love the boyfriend.
The torment continues. During these traumatising set of affairs, I managed to get my head around being a full-time journo again. Have two epic weeks of deadlines and stories, but am handling and for once and happy with the fact that I have a heavy workload.

So work is stabilising. My love life is forever not.
But please don't call me Brooke Forrester. Ta.


Two | Face said...

Thanks for the update Laurian, I was quite curious what happened. From what I read I imagine a gap in the space time continuum, and you quantum leaped for 48 hours into another dimension where the possibilities are endless untill you get zapped back into your own body and have to deal with the confusion of living in two different dimensions.

How interesting and exiting your life seems from the couch. All I am doing (besides working my butt of) is teaching an elderly woman how to use a computer/movie editing and I get rewarded with a Dell Axim X50 brand new.

So in a way I am happy for you and your dimension leaping, you get to experience these wonderfull things but don't let the good feelings get too much overshadowed by all the loyalty and confusion.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Mrarty - though do you want to swap lives? I promise mine is less exciting and more anxiety-ridden than it sounds.

Always makes for great topics of conversation though. My friends think I'm crazy. Not funny cute crazy, but mental crazy. And they're right. :) xx

janie q said...

i have no idea who this brooke person is and there are some men that you will love FOREVER, ask yourself, why is he an ex and how much do guys really change? and i bet you looked HOT!!!!!!!!!good for you!

Nettie said...

I didn't know you liked soaps. Fascinating analogy.

Two | Face said...

Morning Laurian!

I think special would be a better word than crazy, if I was to pick a word.

But swapping lives, I'm not much of a life swinger. And I wouldn't want to you to experience mine at the moment anyway.

cylon said...

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