Tuesday, May 10, 2005


So, although I have a killer story to write for Saturday, I decided that this little glitch wasn't goping to fuck up my Friday night plans. Went out until 2:00 am. It was good, especially because Third World Ant was in town too. But remind me never to wear my special boob-revealing green top out to a nightclub again.

I went to the interview with bloodshot eyes and a headache that could've killed me. The editor - an asshole - I have decided, gave us a lecture on some marketing concept while we had to write a story on it. He is a slavedriver. He works 8-5 on a saturday. I cannot work for people like this, so even if I got the job, and my story kicked ass, I will not take it. Picky is as picky does I say.

Saturday we had to go out, because it was a..and I use this term loosely..friend's birthday. Laura's birthday. The girl that's so annoying, I'd rather be moored on an island with human-eating iguanas with Lorin and Paul rather than Laura. Anyhoo, we went home early, because this party lifestyle I am tending to lead is losing its lustre. I am tired and I look like death.

But I have an awesome interview on Tuesday - for deputy editor at some magazine. I know the girl who's interviewing me too, which may or may not make things easier.

In the meantime, I still hate my ex b ecause I love him but shouldn't because he's an asshole, I need to sleep and I'm clering out my desk today. It's my last day at my company. I'm past being sad, now I just need to get outta here and start afresh.

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Third World Ant said...

Hey babe! Was thinking of you all of Saturday morning when I wasn't thinking of my own pounding head and bloodshot eyes. I look forward to you turning down that ghastly job, and to you accepting the one after your interview this week. Good luck!

Peas on Toast said...

Hello my dear!
Friday was so nice, and so good to see you. I hope you're right about the one on Tuesday. Time will tell. But I'll keep you in the loop.
Smooches xxxx

Blog ho said...

i hate that bitch Laura.

Roonie said...

You're running the gamut on emotions, huh, babycakes?

Nettie said...

Wow, evil, BH!