Tuesday, June 21, 2005

OK. Where do I start? I have bronchitis, am feeling like death warmed up, so will simply state what I have to express in point form:

1) The weekend was so funny, I have a new six pack from laughing. You can read all about it on laurianclem.blogspot.com, but foreigners may not understand the Afrikaans innuendos.
2) The ex and I did not touch, look or speak to each other for the entire 48 hours there.
3) As a result, I feel super crap.
4) Sometimes, when I needed the salt, I'd ask him to pass it.
5) He saw Nick and I having an innocent shnuggle - cos it was freezing - and although Nick explained it to him as just that, he said something really rude which I do not appreciate.
6) Some random woman that was there wanted him. This nearly drove me crazy, but granted, he didn't do anything. So I just drank more.
7)I have bronchitis now. I am feeling so shitty, it's actually indescribable.
8)He made us all tea, and bought me some without me asking, which was sweet, but we still ignored each other.
9)I am thinking that I am the only one affected by this immature silent treatment.
10) I don't know whether to cy or laugh.
11) I generally had a great time though, it was loads of fun.
12) But I want Steve to come home now. I'm lonely and sick and I want someone to look after me and make me soup.
13)The ex must think I'm still SOOOOO hung up over him. But then he ignored me too. Perhaps he just thinks I'm irritating.
14) I really hope that I get some sort of closure over this.


Lola said...

Aw La... being sick is not fun. Esp when its so body-numbingly cold. I want to try and see u when im up in jhb. Please lemme know soon ok, and I hope u get better soon hun!

janie q said...

awwww, hope you're feeling better. sounds like the ex is trying to play a game with you.

Stephanie said...

Hope you feel better soon. :)

Binsk said...

Feel better!!

The silent treatment is only happening because you both still care, if you didn't you could be friends or at least speak.

Blog ho said...

god damn ex. i tire of that son of a bitch. please give him my number so i can bitch at him.

anny said...

to this day my ex still ignores my existence when we're found in the same room. it's weird, and you're not alone in thinking so :)

Nettie said...

Awww, I hope things clear up soon!

Christopher said...

Here's a deal. I'll bitch slap your ex if you do the same to mine.

Get well soon.

Two | Face said...

Now between coming back and now have you heard anything from the ex?

I hate ackward situations...

But I'm also very good at starting them.

janie q said...

ummm, where are you, are you out sick or something?

Peas on Toast said...

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all your awesome comments. I've been sick at home for the last three days, and I'm totally sick of being sick. Coughing my lungs out, etc is no fun. But I'm back in business today, that's if I don't cough a lung over my colleagues.