Wednesday, July 27, 2005

strange twist of fate

Remember that friend I blogged about - the one who, since getting a girlfriend, has been very quiet?

Well a whole lot of us went on a bender on Friday - a bender till 5:100am that is. Tequila, dancing, throwing our names everywhere type of bender. Well he actually came along with his chick. Who turns out to be psycho. Apparently she didn't allow him to see me anymore. She wouldn't talk to me, nevermind anybody else, and then preceeded to shit all over the guy, loudly, because he was paying us too much attention. What gives?

So I think it's over. Meaning he can be my friend again. Yippee.

But even then, he owes me a couple of drinks for being such a blockhead. Fantasteek.

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Better Safe Than Sorry said...

some women are like that, i think they are very insecure, that's their way of dealing with it