Friday, October 07, 2005

bums and ghettoes

I have a big bottom. This was confirmed by a friend last night. I am unsatisfied, mortified. I am officially on a mission called Operation Small Bum Be Had.(OSBBH)
With all that's out of control and mayhem around me and my brain, I shalt officially throw my, erm, weight, into concentrating on OSBBH.

I'm going into the ghetto just now for three reasons:
1) I love the ghetto. I'm wierd like that. It centres me, makes me forget about the things that make me sad. It also puts me on a high for days. (And not cos I take on the crack offers at each corner, mind.)
2) Photos for my photography course. So many pictures, so little time. And in black & white...
3) I need to write a story on stuff, and decided to wonder in there to somehow do it there. Armed with two cameras (one digital) and a notepad and pen.

I feel for a little Nigerian coffee...I wonder if that coicides with OSBBH?


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

well i somehow managed to put on about 20 pounds last summer simply by drinking strawberry margueritas that basically contain large amounts of ice (water), how is that even possible!!! so far, i have managed to lose about 7lbs since my discovery in august. and how very thoughtful of your friend to to confirm your suspicions. personally, i consider my bum to be my biggest ASSet! enjoy your trip, but carefully.

Ed Abbey said...

Isn't strapping two cameras to your neck before walking into a ghetto like smearing chocolate on your face before walking into a swarm of killer bees?

As you probably know, I am a big fan of black and white photography and even have my own darkroom setup. Please post some of your pictures.

Peas on Toast said...

Janie - I know, what gives? My alcohol diet obviously hasn't worked for me either :)

Ed - fantastic - that's excatly what I'm doing in my course now, learning how to develop my own pics in a darkroom. Will definitely post stuff once they've been developed.

Peas on Toast said...

PS: Ed, yip, hanging two cameras around my neck may be asking for trouble. But then, what's the point of a camera unless you really use it?? The way I want to? I figure that I'd rather take the risk, and it turns out that I was threatened at all, luckily :)

Paperslut said...

OSBBH recommendations (i speak from experience):
- substitute sweet with fruits like grapes or mango or pineapple
- let chocolate be your only vice; it's good for the heart too
- jog, preferably with uppity music like alien ant farm.

And don't fret too much. Just wear loose pants.

Peas on Toast said...

Aw wonderwall - you're a doll.
I'm on my way to having a teensy weensy non-Beyonce boody! Yeah! :)