Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Fuckfuckcuckcuckfuckfuckfuck.And fuck.

Fuck. Bastards. Fuck.

My iPod was stolen out of my bag on Friday.
My beautiful pink iPod.

I am devastated, because a) Steve bought it for me in the States, and b) I can't buy one here.

Why couldn't they have taken my cellphone? Wallet?

Oh my bloody god and fuck.


Elisha Cuthbert said...

I was browsing and found your blog. I am pretty new to blogging but I am working on blog for Elisha Ann Cuthbert. It should be pretty cool when it is finished. Keep blogging!

Peas on Toast said...

I'll only visit your site if you promise me a free pink mini iPod.


zuzula said...

oh, the complete bastards :( they'll be the campest crims on the block flashing a baby pink iPod about! do you have insurance?

Peas on Toast said...

Hey Z - no, I don't have insurance, my insurance-working freinds told me not to, as it wasn't worth it. But who's crying now??

The thig wasn't charged either, so they'll hopefully be real fucking morons walking around with a pink, dead iPod.

Trying to source some SA places I can get one from. Crap. And they'll probably be much more expensive here too.

Christopher said...

What fuckers! I'm so sorry to hear that. If I could I'd buy you a new one.

Nice that the star of 'The Girl Next Door' and '24' could take time out of being kidnapped, chased or starring alongside Paris Hilton to say a few words.

Bloggy said...

I really liked your page and it is related to dress gold watch, until next time!

zuzula said...

I'd offer to send you one but everything here costs double what it costs anywhere else in the world so I wouldn't be doing you any favours! Got any mates heading to the US in the near future?

Binsk said...

That sucks Laurian.

They call it pick podding over here.

jimmmer said...

That sucks sista. I'd give you mine, but it's not pink.

I was in your neighbourhood last week, filming for a TV commercial in a township. Great experience.

I'm off globe-trotting again tomorrow, it's difficult finding wireless hotspots in Africa! Hope you get a new one soon.

Pick podding. Very clever.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

the bastards!!!!!
do you have e-bay over there? i've been trying to buy a purse on e-bay, but they won't ship it to canada, apparently customs for canada and italy are the toughest in the world.
i have to buy two i-pods for christmas, both my girls now want one. i'm going to get the i-pod mini's, i'll let you know how much they are here. i got one for my son last christmas but can't remember how much it cost, i'm hoping the price may have dropped a bit now that the new i-pod is out.

Blog ho said...

i love my ipod. i'd die if someone stole it.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys for all your comments. I shouldn't be so cut up about a material possession, but I suppose I'll get over it. And thanks for the offers!
I'm going to do some investigations and find out how much it would cost me here. I used to listen to it everyday without fail, so I'm going to have to get another one. I'll keep you all informed.

Jimmmer! You were in SA? Seriously? Whereabouts did you go? I'm presuming Soweto right? I'm off to a township this morning-Mobapane - also to do a story...