Wednesday, May 28, 2008

london through rose tinted shades

What an interesting first day at the office. So many different nationalities in one room – holy smokes, I really have, in fact, died and gone to ‘eaven.

But I also made two fantastic mates. How’s this for peachy: one’s Scottish; one’s Irish. They’re absolute beeyoots. Yesterday after work went something like this:

Irish: Let’s go home and crash, we’re going to have a huge bender tomorrow.
Scottish: Yeah, let’s doo it. Bed.
Saffa: Yes, we must be sensible. (WTF? Since when?)
Irish: Are you hungry? Let’s get some pub grub before we head to the hotel.
Scottish: Yeah, noot a bad idea.
Saffa: But the hotel is so boring, let’s eat at a pub.
Irish: Actually, should we just go for a pint?

Collective yes.

Have a pint.

‘Ooh we better goo home, we have a bender tomoorow’ – Scott.

Irish: But let’s stop for another point on the way home. Moight as well.
Saffa: Eish, yes.

Have another pint, at The Shakespeare in Victoria.

Irish: Roight, no more pints, bed, bender tomorrow.
Scott: OK, but what about one moore pint, we on the way hooome, it makes sense if we're on the way hoome?
Saffa: yes we need a nightcap. Although it must be said we've been 'on the way hoome' for the past 4 hours.

Collective yeah.

Four pints later:
Saffa: We have a bender tomorrow.
Irish: Better have one more pint to practice.
Saffa: Yes, we’d better, it’s only right.
Scott: Yes, now that we’re here.

In my pinted delirium, I bought 3RM the best bad present from some shop evah: My friend went to London and all I got was this minging t-shirt.

After 3 pints, in 3 different pubs, it was highlarious, ok.
And how freaking convenient that we just have to jump on the Jubilee or Victoria line to get home.

God London is beautiful. Every building, every franchise in every building – even if it’s a fucken Boots - is a picture. All the taxis and buses and parks and architecture are just breathtaking. Most people have seen London, or at least lived here a while. And maybe their homesickness taints the whole place, but honestly, the choice!

Just being able to jump on a tube – even in rush hour when our noses are pressed against the mingin’ window – is such a luxury. It’s obviously still a novelty to me – but London really is just an amazingly buzzing, fun, beautiful, happening city. My Scottish friend reckons she’s seeing it though new eyes with me, the Saffa tourist rediscovering the wonders of red buses and green pieces of grass. Maybe. But honestly, grey as it may be, London is just so old school and exquisite. Even one of the dodgy pubs which had I love my banana it fucks a lot of wenches’s’ scrawled on the bathroom door, has its charm.

This entire city might’ve burnt down in 1666, and their might’ve been a bubonic plague, but London is really a fascinating place; I’d love to live here someday, I really would. Working here for a week is obviously fun and relatively admin free, but I could see myself here one day, easily. Remember I’m looking at it through kid eyes. Where my office has a view, and I’m mixing with a lot of continental Europeans and…and…I met a smokin’ hot German. Germans are like, hot, anyway, but this one takes the eisbein.

Wow. Wow, wow, sheishausen,[and I know they don’t say that] wow.

Bender tonight. After an intense training day. Hellllllo Mommy.


noodle said...

Ooooh, I love London. I'm craving a shopping trip.

You have to check out the Primark in Hammersmith for their selection of Pav's (polish chav's)!

happy snapper said...

Aah Peas! It sounds like you're having an awesome time! I wish I was there. I could be your second (half) Scottish friend :) My Dad is from Edinburgh.

Ah man, I want a pint!

Nick said...

no bru. london sucks balls. been here 5 years and it is time to go home.

SwissTwist said...

My sentiments too, I love London!

Sounds like you're having a fantastic time. Can't wait to 'see' more of London a la Peas.

Good luck with the training, don't forget, 'Bender tonight' *w*

Jam said...

A bender after a bender is always a good bender although it depends on whether or not you have another bender tomorrow or the day after. So glad you're loving London - I love visiting it, but couldn't imagine living there.

KaB said...

So how many did you have in the end?!?

And just made me get excited about moving there all over again...thanks...I needed that!

I are very excited & will visit The Shakespeare pub a la Peas style once I'm there! Dude, leave a sign on the loo for me...something Peasy!

27 days & counting...whoohoo!

You rock those red buses...

Revolving Credit said...

I'm not sure that 4 pints in 4 hours even qualifies as drinking?

so after visiting all those pubs can we expect you to bring at least 1 soap dispenser home with you?...hahaha

Enjoy the bender and hopefully you make it to Ireland in one piece.

kyknoord said...

I can suggest another t-shirt slogan: "I went to London and all I got was this lousy cirrhosis of the liver"

The Divine Miss M said...

Dude you see London in a definite new light.

It's grey, miserable and filled with morons today!

Drinks? :P

Peas on Toast said...

Hi chaps!

Yip it's greay and misrebale, and after 5 years Nick, I'd probably also grow tired of the greyness - but hell, HELL, I love this place!

Billy said...

You cant go wrong with an Irish or Scots mate but may i issue a cautionary notice on the Germans....

danielle said...

Ah I have only been fora weekend but I love it there :)
South Africa has its perks but London has charm and personality. Would love to move there, even just for a while to work