Friday, August 29, 2008

domestic over and before jetset

Did a Shirley Valentine last night.

After throwing stuff into a suitcase, along with lots of the oil tanny stuff, I got the sudden and almost irrepressible urge to clean my house.

I cleaned my house before I went to Greece. Shirley did that too.

The reasons are because:
1) There's nothing like coming back to your home and it's exactly – exactly – how you left it. (If you don't get burgled, God forbid.)

There are no dishes with 3-weeks worth of bolognaise gunge & festering residue all over them, discarded by a flatmate who hopes they will just wash themselves. It's just how you left it – clean, neat and amazing.

2) I'm flying Olympic Airways tonight.

According to my colleague who has checked out the specs on everything, and I mean everything - he knows what our in-flight entertainment is for the evening – Olympic Airways is on the same quality scale as Air Zimbabwe and Air Afghanistan.

He showed us stats and stuff. And Olympic is the fourth from the top amongst some very war-torn destinations.

I'm not a paranoid flyer – only on landing and taking off – but this fills a few of us with concern, what with all these plane crashes and such in the recent news.

Anyway, if I were to die on this flight, at least my house will be invitingly spick and span when the obituarial lawyers bust in to claim the 7000 odd ronts worth of estate for my parents. (dsTV decoder and a car).

I'd rather they dissect my flat when it is achingly clean. They will find my Travel Dolphin 500 in my side table drawer, but that shouldn't concern them too much. Surely.

But that's awfully morbid. Because yay! I've packed my summer clothes, my nice doondies and...a lot of work stuff. This isn't just a holiday, there will be work to do. And it's already piling up.

But hell, I am excited. To play the fool, do Zorba dancing, see architectural masterpieces, feel the sun on my back, swim, eat, drink, bond, see stuff, watch hot men, and you, know, all that.

The next place I'll be is [hopefully] Athens. We're staying right next to the Akropolis. We'll do some site seeing and pub crawling at the same time. One site, one pub, one site, one pub, that sort of thing. It's a happy medium for everyone. It's going to be mad.

3:00pm the fun starts!


acidicice said...

How can you forget about your three thousand ront rug?! Brings your estate up to 10K!

I'm also feeling the rug love at the moment. I bought a gorgeous new rug I am going to unfurl in my new residence which I will be moving into this weekend. I'm totally relating to you and your rug at the moment.

Kitty Cat said...

Oh I am SO jealous, jealous, jealous! In a good way, but still. The weather there will awesome this time of year. Enjoy yourself!!! Looking forward to some great posts on your Greek adventure!

JL said...

Then before the frog turned into a prince he was like "Sick. You're not gona kiss a frog are you? I'm not down with them hoes kissing amphibians, its over!" Then she kissed him and he becamse a prince but they still ate his legs.

Have fun in Greek-land! Don's kiss frogs.

Peas on Toast said...

Acidic - oooh congrats on the new rug purchase dollface! And you're totally right, the rug is the prize piece of my estate, let's face it :)

I wish you and your rug hours and hours of happiness, and enjoy breaking him in this weekend! ;) x

Kitty - :) Thanks so much darling, I heard there's a heat wave in Athens at the moment...eeek! ;)

jl - yeah, in my blotto'ed ouzo state, I'm going to do my best to be in the best frame of judgement possible and not kiss any Greek frogs. Here's to ouzo goggles that are realistic! xx

kyknoord said...

Wait - you left your Travel Dolphin 500 at home?

Peas on Toast said...

Hahahah! Funnily enough Kyk, I said to 3RM last night: 'Do you think I should take my vibrator with me?'
To which, 'If you're prepared for a potentially embarrassing experience, then sure, take it. Wait - it won't be potentially embarrassing, it WILL be blind.'

Besides, who needs him when the isalnd is filled with sun-soaked Mediterranean horny males? ;)

kyknoord said...

True and besides, Shirley didn't need one, did she?

Peas on Toast said...

No, she just 'want to make fuck with him'.


Miss T said...

You most definately will NOT need your travel dolphin in Greece!....

Peas on Toast said...

Miss T - :) Oh I do love you! That is the most encouraging piece of information I have yet to hear, even my guidebook doesn't say that :)

Hell and if my last trip there is anything to go by, you are right!
Whereabouts did you go when you were there babe?

Mini said...

Peas on olive oil

Have fun and don't miss us tooo much!Oh and dudette BEHAVE!

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - thanks bruv :)

I will have fun, but can't promise I'll behave :)

Gold digger said...

I am absolutely consumed by jealousy!!! Enjoy! And keep us up to date with the hot Greek men... Good place to pick up a Greek Shipping Mogul...

Peas on Toast said...

Gold digger - ah yes, those Greek shipping moguls are quite the trend with the heiresses at the moment. (Always feature on the E! True Hollywood Stories).

Paris, Sienna...Peas.


Revolving Credit said...

Happy Travels Shirley!

If you need to take the Dolphin with you, what's the point of going there??

Hopefully you do find the Greek Zeus and not just the bristly old zorba fishing guy.

But then again, with enough raucous dancing and consuming of ouzo, worst case is that Zorba does actualy get luck...on the flip side, he may even teach you to do the dance properly.

Peas on Toast said...

HAHAHA - Rev, very valid points there!

I wonder if ouzo goggles are as diabolic as tequila goggles? Because a crusty fisherman from the ocean deep might leave me with a prize set of losers. :)

But luckily, there will be 25 European countries we'll be fraternising with as well, so there will be more than enough choice! Yay!

po said...

Hope you have a blast and meet some Greek dolphins along the way.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks dear Po! :)

Revolving Credit said...

Ooo....more fishermen to choose from.

Greek, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, English.

Peas on Toast said...

Revvie - I prefer the 'shipping mogul' idea, Niarchos. :)

Revolving Credit said...

Just remember the phrase that pays:

Έχω μεθύσει, να λαμβάνει σώμα μου !

JL said...

Peas is replyng to comments. This implies she's working. Why are you working Peas? It makes me sad inside that you work in Greece because I now vacate vicariously through you. Stop making me work in Greece Peas! GOSH!

Vote for Pepito.

Peas on Toast said...

One more hour left of work. Wopah!

Miss T said...

I was on the island Zakynthos....don't worry lassie you will have plenty of fun!

Peas on Toast said...

Ah miss T, Zakynthos is very close to Corfu where I was. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peas.
Dick here!! I am sooo impressed that you are still here everyday. A bit sad I need to check you blog to find out you are in Greece!!
I'm back in SA 22 Sept. You around then?

Peas on Toast said...

Dick, shut up - hi there ex boyfriend!

Yay, awesome you're coming back for a holiday, we'll see you then for a little Aussie catch up!