Friday, December 26, 2008

remember rio

...and get down.
OK so after Mendoza and Bariloche - still trying to decide whether I like Mendoza - diary will follow later on - but for now, all I care about is that I am in Rio. The moment I saw the meandering rivers on landing, and the moment I literally stepped foot in this amazing city, I have been in love.

I am in love with Rio de Janeiro.

Now look, I have had two caipirinhas on Copacabana Beach. I am staying a block away from the beach, and they serve them in little stalls alongside a setting resplendent of mountains filled with, like, lush jungle and favelas or slums dotting these mountains, but seriously, I am absolutely struck by this place. I have always wanted to go to Brazil, and especially Rio. And now am in a caipirinha´d awe-struck daze, whistling to myself The Girl From Ipanema.

You talk to yourself a lot when travelling alone. I miss Dad, but this is an experience I tell ya.

I am in love.


Charmskool said...

Ah that sounds fab! I am totally envious as I sit here in the office wishing I was anywhere else on the planet. Have a caipirinha for me please please please.

DBS said...

Caipirinha what a great drink in such a great city. make sure you go up Sugarloaf the views are magnificent

DT said...

Sounds like heaven! I just finished your book - LOVED IT!!!It was the perfect summer read!

Peas on Toast said...

charm - I had 1000s for you babe, I promise :)

DBS - I did indeed! Fabulous place.

DT - Thanks so much m'dear! Glad you enjoyed it :)