Wednesday, February 04, 2009


If anyone can answer these that would be swell.

What beats a dinner involving 5 starters from 5 different countries over a bottle of red with Klo? [Not much. What a gas]

What’s better: a trip to Hong Kong or skiing through powder?

What’s better to wear to a festive wedding: a marshmallow pink frou frou dress or, like, a yellow-grey long sexy vibe elegant robe thing?

What’s worse: a bunion on your face or an allergy that affects your testicles?

What’s a better line in Friends: “But Joey you can’t use a thesaurus! What does this mean anyway? ‘The procreating hosts have great thumping aortic pumps?’ “Oh it means the parents have big hearts.” Or Ross saying “ I met the ONE. The One. Paleontologist that was hot. On the planet.”

What’s worse: being stuck behind a Chrysler Street Cruiser driving at 0.01km/hour or a Corsa Lite that jumps between lanes like someone who has a bunch of termites on acid in his pants, and both have missions in life to directly annoy the living crap out of you and only you ?

Andy Warhol or impressionist versions of Carlos Gardel?

If you had a gun to your head: Bump 2 or Bump 5?

A retainer or braces with the coloured elastics?

Work that you love so much you’ve made it your very recent number one mission to succeed in/prioritise for as long as you live, or work that is mediocre/boring as fuck, but you lead a balanced life?

An unexpected [nice] surprise or…hives? For example:
Red or pink? It’s tough one. Fuck. I’ve been struggling for years with this one. Years.

The Beach scene where they’re swimming across to Phi Phi and they pretend that he gets eaten by a shark, or the scene where they jump off the waterfall? Fuck. What a toughie. The music is very important in both scenes, both the same, both incredible.

Stuart Townsend or Ashton Kutcher [before he opened his mouth]?

Berlin or New York?

Cardiovascular gym or [advanced, ok ok, erm, stage 2] hip hop lessons?

A new home entertainment theatre system with flat screen TV, or a trip? [Bearing in mind you can take a no expenses trip from your couch on a wide screen television if you have DStv.] But can you make mates? A ha! [Rewiring the bastard must be inclusive of deal.]

A really really exciting Saturday night sojourn in a wine farm in the Cape, or like, Movida?

A bath with pomegranate oil or, a bath with pomegranate oil and a glass of wine?

Never hearing Usher’s vocal chords again or a possible repeated on-the-whim-what-the-hell-jesus-there-goes-my-credit-limit trip to Rio de Janeiro?



The Chantal said...

The only answer I know for sure there is that pink beats red, hands down! Well at least I could answer one :)

cooooooooool about the bestseller list!!!!! that should put a nice bounce in your step this week :)

Peas on Toast said...

Chan - it did last night, after the wine. Now I'm feeeling ever-so-slightly-just-a-little-bit hungover. But that's why they made coffee. :)

Thanks babe xx

tyrone said...

I don't know hey...

A little red dress vs a little pink one? Red, red, red...

Keira Knightley vs. Scarlett?

What's worse? A braai with Vernon or a sokkie with Patricia?

Peas on Toast said...

tyrone - gosh this red/pink scenario is doing my HEAD in ;)

ha ha.

I'm going to go with a braai with Vernon. Vern has done the rounds, but Patty never seems to get old.

Well. You know what I mean ;)

tyrone said...

Done the rounds? I presume you mean rounds of Bliksem-My-Wife-And-Coke?

Do you think he leaves his Buffaloes on when he does the horizontal mambo?

I guess as far as red vs. pink goes, it depends on:

1) When you're wearing it?
2) Why you're wearing it?
3) Who you're wearing it for?

Ruby said...

ExcitemenT!! Congrats DUUDE!! *whoop whoop*

Peas on Toast said...

tyrone - oooh ALL worthy of much debate.

I think Vern's bird asks him to keep them on. I'm guessing he loses at least 7 inches when he takes those puppies off ;)

My favourite type of pink is Migraine Pink. The colour of this blog, see. ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Ruby Ruby Rubbbbay! ;)

Wallfish said...

As long as you don't play Moderato I don't care what fucking choices you make :)

Peas on Toast said...

Everyone's a comedian, whale ;)

Lunchtime I'm going to wow you with a little The Greatest Hits Of Chicago, I'll be tink tink tinkering away on that piano you lucky bastard.

Mini said...

I got a question!

Whats worse?

Buffalo shoes or New Rocks?

I used to mock a pal who owned a pair of New Rocks,told him he looked like ROBOCOP!(Thank heavens I didnt own a pair of iether one)

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - shitters hey, New Rocks in the 00's! There's a dude who has unprecedeted obsession for high shoes, eh? ;)

PS: I had Buffalo's once. And some even worse turquoise specimens called Le Freak.....oh god my eyes, my eyes!

Mini said...

What ever posessed you to own a pair of Buffalos?? Where you like sooooo stoned????

Mini said...


Whatevr poisessed you to own a pair of Buffalos?

Where you soooo stoned??? Or did you date Vernon Koekemoer back in the day????


Peas on Toast said...

Mini - I got caught up in a cult, back in 1996, called The Spice Girl Revolutionists - Girl Power & Peace Out.

I didn't come back untainted. There was an intervention and everything.


po said...

Peas that work question is a good one. I work in field that I do not love. I don't hate it either. It's ok. I aim for balance, with lots of activities outside of work.

Sometimes I feel like a failure for choosing a career I don't love. But on the whole I think I really need balance more than that.

Peas on Toast said...

po - ag shame dude, look it's one thing hating it - and at least you don't - but boredome is the carbuncle of the masses, so I hope you're at least challenged??

I'm only woak unbalanced to keep seriously busy and distracted and on top of my game. :)
And I also love my work, so that helps.

Maybe one day - like next week - I'll find balance again. You're at least healthy :)