Saturday, February 06, 2010

Buy your copy...

Of Sax Appeal Rag magazine if you live in Cape Town.

1) Sponsor the students. They need drinking money.
2) I am in it this year - I wrote my bit for it, as a proud ex-UCT alumnus.
3) It's for a good cause, proceeds go to charity.
4) It's twenty bucks. Seriously.

Am off to give a talk about my book this afternoon. Haven't prepared. Better have aglass of wine. It's also for charity - Animals In Distress.

At least it's keeping me busy while I claw myself out of this dark hole.


po said...

Good luck Peas!

Secret said...

I bought it! Yours was the first article I read, then Gareth Cliff, then the other funny shit in it. Love it! :D