Friday, March 26, 2010


We went to Camden last night. A bit of London Norff for a change innit.

It really is like another city up there. People where high tops, skinny jeans and either have a mohawk or dreads. In some shape or form. Shit happens up here, and so we met up with Brit's brother and bird, and went to the London Jazz Cafe.
It's the seriously arty fartsy part of town, and is always a gas to go and visit.

It was phenomenal. Live jazz, a bit of drum 'n bass, lots of rum and coke, and we were runnign around wearing the 3D glasses I got at Alice In Wonderland.

Told you I'd wear them again.

Ooh ooh and we're going to France Fwonce!

Yeesterday we booked to go skiing for a week, starting the Easter weekend at Meribel. I haven't skied for 8 years. Meribel was incidentally the first resort I ever skied at/nearly killed someone at (heinous rolling-down-the-mountain entaglement with irate Italian woman).

However, it's like riding a bike right? I love skiing and am so excited I could literally...lick the walls.

A whole week! And some of our friends are coming too.

I am so in love. He's really just so wonderful. He really makes me so happy.


The Seeker said...

Love reading about your adventures! Enjoy and keep writing. :-)

zuzula said...

Camden is a lot safer now that Amy Winehouse is out on the rampage less often!