Thursday, April 15, 2010

suck my balls & eugene

Went out for a couple drinks last night with Dockers, Moogs & E3.

The Attic in Parkhurst. Where I usually get quite agoraphobic and hate walking into such institutions these days. What the fuck is wrong with me here, I don't know.
Anyway last night was fantastic.

Drank wine, caught up with my mates, updated them on my imminent plans to relocate.

Then chatted Eugene.

Been following the headlines of his bludgeoning rather closely, because something as sensational as a white supremacist possibly being sexually devious with his labourers of colour, well, frankly, it's like finding out Hitler was having orgies with Jewish people in his bunker.

Just don't keep him waiting, the man was a maniac:

Hungover and can't see anymore khaki or shoulder pads, reminiscent of Ventersdorp fashion.

Have the option to get my new Android phone engraved. It's like getting personal number plates, but so much worse.
I'm guessing what most people would choose is their name. I'm thinking: go uber cheesy or take the piss. If one opts to get a car or phone personalised, at least give the process a bit of thought.

The only number plate I'd get, for instance, is BLOW ME GP.

My phone? I'm thinking, in big bold font, scrawled across the back: 'Suck My Balls.'

I had to send an official email to the engravers of the phone with my request yesterday:

Hi there

Re: Ordering and engraving phone.

With regards to the engravings, please can I have 'Suck My Balls' engraved onto my phone. If it's straight, angular font, it can be in capitals ie: SUCK. MY. BALLS. (Preferable).
If curly font, it can be Suck My Balls. (Intercapitalisation<---- This is important.)

This is not a joke. I'd think this would be allowed based on the fact that the three words 'Suck' and 'my' and 'balls' separated are not profanities, and could mean anything if we go into interpretation.

Thanks in advance,

Peas On Toast


kyknoord said...

Oooh, Mr Garrison would not approve. Careful, or Kyle's mom will have a V-chip implanted in your skull. Having said that, however, I think you should rename your blog "Balls on Toast"

Peas on Toast said...

kyk - funny you mention that, I have considered it...:)

Anonymous said...

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