Monday, May 31, 2010


I am crying.

I am pathetic.

No one died.

I had to put Ludwig up for sale today.

This car, understand, knows more about me than anyone. I think.

It knows when I've smashed a pie at 2am, it knows when I'm sad or heartbroken, it knows when I'm happy (or pissed), and it knows exactly what music I like.

I am devastated. This car isn't a car. It's a...person. It's got soul. Too much soul to be put in a hole.

I have the Autotrader window open and I'm actually fucking crying.

It could have something to do with listening to the Annie soundtrack right now, but either way, I am so very and extremely attached to my human-vehicle, my vehicman, my gay little Ludwig, Christ this is hard.

PS: If you're remotely interested in buying, Zelmarie from Paulpietersburg, he's going for a cool R80 000, negotiable. You might have to claw me off first, as I barnacle myself to my beloved Bug.

PPS: His name is Ludwig because that is the gay bug's name in It's A Bugs Life.

PPPS: I'm off to cry in the bathrooms, because in a professional capacity, explaining to the office that I'm crying because I'm selling my car isn't going to sound helluva sane.


cassey said...

I think your work people would understand the're letting go of pieces of who you are. Hope the rest of the moving process is less heartbreaking.

Peas on Toast said...

cassey am I a freak? I mean i really didn't think letting go of materail possessions wouldn't even be something i thought about for 5.5's all replaceable right?

I think it's what they carry with them that I'm having a hard time letting go :(

cassey said...

I don't think you're a freak. Yes, it's a possesion, but like you said it carries a lot of memories with it. Hope it gets better.

Monkigirl said...

I feel your pain. I traded in my citi golf a few months back. Had her for 6 years. I knew every scartch and dent on her body, that stain on the drivers seat (bioplus from a loooong road trip, nothing gross). We spent countless hours together. We sang crappy songs at the top of our lungs, smashed KFC on Sunday afternoons in the middle of bloody Limpopo. She comforted me when I cried. Sigh... She was special.

So yes, I know exactly how you're feeling, and it's perfectly normal.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

So we're BOTH going through HEARTACHE!!


Gossip Guy said...

So what makes Bug a gay car? Other than oozing effortless style and class of course. Hmmm, did I just answer my own question?! Never mind!

I drive a Fiat Palio. Convinced she's a closet lesbian...

Peas on Toast said...

cassey - thanks my dear :)

Monkigirl - oh my word, that's pretty much exactly how I feel about Ludwig. He's my number 1 companion! Aw man, I dunno how I'm going to let go!

Blondie - let's. Get. Smashed, I think that's a fabulous idea my little friend. How you holding up? Thinking of you so much xxx

Guy - hahahaha, a closet lesbian? Love it! Ludwig I can safely say is a very camp car/guy. He has a plastic flower and vase attached to the dashboard (it comes with the car), and he just oozes style and cuteness in a gay way. I dunno - I've just felt he's my best gay friend since I got him :)