Wednesday, May 26, 2010

next time, have a lie in. on the universe

Mark my words: I'll forever remember that 25 May 2010 was an exceedingly shyte day.

Next year, I'll take leave and stay in bed. Good GOD.

The conclusive evidence to a day that involved an uphill battle of cascading shit, is half a bottle of Diemersfontein Pinotage.

And an empty wine glass as seen this morning, on my coffee table, next to a wod of pitiful-looking tissues.

It all just went increasingly badly from the moment I stepped outside in a bubble dress and leggings.

The lady at reception lost my couriered license disc between there and my office, (50 metres), a license disc already 5 months overdue, mind you, and that cost a packet as a result. Then eyeballed me to the fiery blazes of Hell because I complained about it.

Then a whole bunch of work and project politics emulsified yesterday to the point where I wanted to bash my head repeatedly on a wall, while pawing at my face, and screaming, 'Screw you all, I'm going to Barbados! Barbados! Barbados!' over and over again, even if I'm not going to Barbados.

Tensions heightening over my immigration, as an agent at Stuttaford Van Lines entered my home and assessed the shit I need to ship over.

She measured every picture, every chair. And as my lounge echoed to the sound of her stiletto's, (I have one couch and a coffee table left), felt very sad that this little Comfort Zone I'd built up over the years, was being dismantled.
Material possessions come and go, but I had taken quite some pride setting up my flat two years ago. And the parquet is looking very nice now that I've scrubbed it to buggery.

Then I found out the budget I'd been given for an company charity project was in fact half of what it initially was. Naturally, because I'm the epitome of organisation and time-management, I've already gone and bought all the provisions for our drive into deepest, darkest Shackville, Soweto on Friday.

Then, I had to fork out almost R7000 to pay off the rest of my car. This final installment was more than what I envisioned too. And frankly what the fuck. If I ever buy a car again, it'll be cash. Christ.

After numerous calls to Wesbank because they couldn't 'find' my transfer because they gave me the wrong bloody reference code. For FUCK'S sake, how hard can it be?

Then I lost my memory stick in my camera, that had a whole bunch of awesome memories loaded onto it.

Then amongst all this general anxiety, and probably as a result of, shouted at my Brit.

So I sat at home, wrote a story, while cradling a glass of the nectar that is born from Dionysus' tit, (Wellington pinotage 2009), and had an anxiety attack with a few tears on a 30 second phonecall to my mother who was currently just waking up in New Zealand.

(She's attending my Kiwi cousin's wedding, in case you're interested.)

They say immigrating is stressful, and I'm beginning to realise why.


cassey said...

Crappy days suck, hope today goes better.

po said...

Arghh shame Peas, i assume immigrating is a pain, I did it back when I had no possessions, responsibilities etc, but I think the reverse move is going to be a nightmare.

Peas on Toast said...

cassey - I'm listening to lots of soothing instrumental pianist concerto music today, to dull the anxiety! :)

po - arrgh yes, the reverse move might just prove a bit taxing po! Here's hoping that when it happens it's relatively mare free!

Peter F May for The Pinotage Club said...

sorry to read of your problems ... but surely Dionysos is male ??

Flossie said...

Don't worry about the money! You will pay it off without even blinking with your first £ paycheck!!!

Champagne Heathen said...

Fok. I remember a year ago & about to move continents. And yup, just the build up to all of it involved a whole lotta fighting, stress, more stress, random over-reacting, irrationality ruling, not enough of the love for everyone & everything you want to be feeling.

And just manic thinking of how to get out of it all or for it all just to pass so you can be done with the stress, but then you don't want to miss out on all the good last bits.... and so you cycle back round to stress.

Basically, confusion & stress all round.

Good luck! The crap emotions do bugger off eventually.

Pop Tart said...

Oh Boy do I know how you feel! A little over a year I ago I to traded in the sunshine of SA for the value of the pound - only to move to USA 6 months later. I was so stressed and to top it all off just before I left I crashed my dads car into a BMW. (I had already sold my car. You will breath a sigh f relief when you sit down on that plane and order a bottle of wine with your dinner.

Peas on Toast said...

Peter Pinotage - you don't skip a beat eh? You're very good at keeping tabs on 'pinotage' content, wowee! :)

And seriously? Was Dionysus a dude? Am sooo disappointed to hear this. I stand corrected and miffed, I want him to be a girl! ;)

Flossie - after the exhorbitant two months despot on a flat right? ;)

Champagne - good to know it's only a short period of time...I have another 6 weeks of wrapping it all up. Then I assume another 6 weeks on THAT end sorting out admin.
Luckily I'm excited. Luckily. :)

Pop Tart - oh no, what a bugger! God I'll be extra careful driving around now just after your story, I'd hate that!

And I will DEFINITELY be getting fucked on the plane on the way over. Hell yes.

Peter said...

I can empathise, when I left I had the buyer of my car pull out of the sale on the day I was leaving.
Funnily also had a crap experience with Wesbank as I had to pay the car off to get the certificate. They told me I could pay at the office, which then wasn't quite the case. After a massive tantrum they finally saw things my way.

Some admin tips:
Get a company to send something like a bill to your place straight away, it will help with opening a bank account over there. They are sticky about proving who you are and that sort of thing.

Get your NI number sorted as soon as possible, you don't want to pay the government any more than you have to

Get registered with the NHS as soon as possible. Look up GP's in your area and choose one with a South African degree (if you would prefer a Saffer doctor).

Check out the Money Savings Expert website, loads of good money saving tips and advice.

If you want any advice or tips, let me know direct and I can try and help (been through the process a few times and helped with my Wife's work permit back in the day).



Peas on Toast said...

Hi Pete

Your tips are invaluable, thank you SO SO much. Had a slight panic when reading them, mainly because hell, I still have so much to do...:(

Still awaiting my papers from Wesbank. Am in the process of getting a bank account, but you're right about NHS and NI, AND! I have two weeks while I'm there to find a place, so am starting to look. EEEEK!

But thanks so much, these tips are seriously helpful - I'm gonna go through them one by one this week, mark my words!