Wednesday, June 23, 2010

chelsea or tottenham hot spurs?

This is my coffee table.

Mum: You need to tell me why you aren't shipping over that trunk I gave you?

Peas: Aaargh! We've been through this so many times!

Brit: No really, why aren't you? I happen to like that trunk!

Peas: Look people. I have a budget. I can't just ship everything I own.

Mum: Brit do you want this salad bowl Peas is trying to give away?

Brit: Actually yes.

Mum: So has she told you why she is only shipping certain things?

Brit: Well not really, I just hear what she is taking and what she's not.

Peas: I'm still standing here.

Mum: Well is it a budget around volume or weight?

Peas: Both I'm told. And besides I'll get the trunk shipped out when I know where the hell I'm going to be bloody living for longer than a few months, ok?!

Brit: She doesn't want to take the coffee table.

Mum: I know, she's crazy. I'd have her coffee table.

Brit: I know, I'd buy one myself.

Mum: So solid.

Brit: And it's scratch free.

Peas: Dove? Will you help me out here please?

Dove: No. I'm finding this too entertaining. Do carry on.

Peas: Look. Look. I've told you both that if it fits in, I'll take it. It weighs a fucking ton, but sure I'll try and squeeze it in. For goodness sake.

Mum: I just don't understand why you aren't trying to take as much as possible.

Brit: I know, I said the same thing.

Peas: Guys. Guys. Official statement: I'm going to try and squeeze the most important shit in first and the rest will follow if there's space. Can we all eat some boerie and drink now?

My mum and the Brit got on like a house on fire. In other words.

We made some bonfires at my mate's place, had a few people around, including my folks for an exuberant after-Bafana-beat-Fwonce celebration.

Someone was blowing a vuvuzela in the kitchen for 15 minutes non-stop. They're fine - in stadiums.

We're off to the Ghana Germany game tonight at Soccer City. So bloody excited, was confused on dressing this morning - is Ghana red or white? Went for the white boots and white everything else in support of the African team. We're taking the train from Joburg CBD into Soweto.

Yesterday - and I've never done this before - we roared to the venue to watch the Bafana match, and I was cutting through traffic like a cuhhhhnt, radio on, listening for any scores or commentary, being completely sports manic basically.

My interest in football has become such that I am actually tuning in in my car so that I don't miss a second. I've never done anything so absurd. I listen to electronic music, on 6-shuttle rotation. Not sport.

I'm even researching which English premiership side I will support when I move there. I need to research and and make an educated decision on which home team I will support.

It won't be Manchester United.

But I need a team. This love of football has changed my life. In that, I'm fucking gripped by it.

Nervous. Two and half weeks until I leave South Africa.


Rémy, The Quill said...

When it comes to supporting soccer teams, I will admit that I know quite a bit in that department.

Do not support Man Utd, that will be jumping on the bandwagon. Plus, they are so good supporting them makes you feel like the third wheel in a threesome...You feel...used.

Do not support Chelsea, they are not that entertaining...unless they are loosing finals. Also, they have no history to speak of...

Do not support Arsenal. They are all flash and dazzle but no delivery. Sort of like a virgin that has watched too many pornos, they know all the techniques but they have no idea how to apply them. They will leave you hanging every season. They have history, but...history does not win games.

Liverpool is a cool team, but they are more erratic than a seventy-year-old's pulse. One season of brilliance...and a decade of utter rubbish. They have a glorious history...but history...

If you are looking for a team to support, I would suggest something in the middle of the table - not too good but not too bad either. This is because the smaller teams are always up for the games, they try their best to deliver, and when shit goes wrong, they do not leave you too angry.

Plus, when they beat the big teams, you walk around like you just broke the bank!

Tottenham is a good team! They have hot fans! Trust me, I know!

If not that, look into Fulham. They play good football, they are giant killers and they have a bright future...

Good luck with the moving.

kyknoord said...

Manchester City?

Rémy, The Quill said...

Man City is vintage virgin...They are too new on the scene...and like virgins, they are huffing and puffing...but not blowing...which is infinitely more stimulating....

曉薇 said...


It is the question said...

Now. As much as I am world cup crazzzzy. And watching virtually every minute of it. I still don't like soccer much. The screaming prima donna dives drive me up the wall. And the games can be unbelievably boring.

So pick a rugby side. Since you will be a seffrican in the UK, I'd suggest Saracens, our SA team in London.

Peter said...


junenineteen said...

Peas. This is that other pea gabi.

When i fell in love with English he told me that if i wanted to make this work, I'd have to pick a premiership side to support. So i went through a whole process of deciding.

There were pie charts, bar charts etc. And after much deliberation i chose my beautiful,GLORIOUS SPURS. This was my selection process...

1. Nice ground - TICK!
2. Nice colour kit - TICK!
3. 1 x Dreamboat of infinite proportions - TICK! (Nico Kranjcar)
4. Not in the usual top 4 - TICK!
5. Not supported by Joburg douche bags - TICK!
6. Nice, friendly grandpa-figure coach- TICK!
7. Good club anthem (Not that 2000's rave CD kind)- TICK!

The list goes on. So i chose them, and then started learning about them, and i now, properly LOVE them. with all my whitehart*

And I now have the Spurs mug, car air-freshner, the teddy bear, the socks, the pen and the keyring.


delboy1203 said...

Well, from all those comments then, it seems that you will have to support Tottenham. Which, as a Spurs supporter myself, makes me extremely happy!

I went to a few games while living in London (at 50 quid a ticket for the cheap seats, that's all I could afford) and loved the atmosphere. I also saw Liverpool and Arsenal play, but their fans have their heads up their own Arsenals! They just assume that they are better than everyone else.

BTW, I even have shares in Tottenham... OK, one share. It was a birfday gift.

木堯木堯 said...


Peas on Toast said...

Thanks chaps for your awesome input! I have a few things to consider here, but looks like the Spurs seems to be a good one!

I've made a shortlist between Chelsea (the Brit's team, and therefore selling it as best as possible to me), The Spurs, and Fulham.

Now to choose between the three!

Thanks again everyone :)