Thursday, July 22, 2010

ghettos and fields

Signed the lease on my new house.

The one that lies next to the ghetto. Council estate.

Am rather excited to take up the master bedroom, wherein I will place my fluffy rug, pictures and other furniture that's being hauled across the planet as we speak.

Still very stressed out and overwhelmed, still trying to suss everything out, and most of all - cannot believe I've only been here one week. One week, are you fucking kidding me? I've packed this all into one week and it feels like months.

I think I need some time out. Like go to the country this weekend or something and just sit in a field.


Peter said...

Go to Richmond, even if just for the day.
3 or 4 stops from Clapham Junction.
Get a bottle of wine, some picnic bits and go and sit next to the river (walk down towards Petersham meadows and you can see some cows grazing).

If you go on Saturday morning you can stop in at the Farmers Market at Heron Square (just up Richmond Hill Rise) and pick up a few odds and ends.

No need to go too far out to be in the real country.

If the weather isn't too good you can stop in at the White Swan pub for a sunday lunch and a glass of wine or 2.

And this is all just in Richmond.

Enjoy the rush, the confusion of wondering if you will settle in and all that sort of thing.
It does wear off and soon you will have a routine and everything will just seem normal.

Anonymous said...


Peas on Toast said...

Peter thanks so much. And also for your advice in the previous post.

I love Richmond, the few times I've been. So this is exactly what I'm going to do - genius idea.

Thanks dude. x

Peter said...

If you did, I hope it was a good weekend.

I had a weekend to forget really, depsite the nice weather in CPT.