Friday, September 24, 2010



Thank God I've taken a half day today.

We had a digs party last night.

Not sure why Thursday, school night-oh-stupid-school-nights, was the chosen choice, but we managed to smash a fair bit of wine and dig into dishes of takeaway curry at midnight.


The Brit and I are going to Bath this afternoon. Not in the verbal sense, the noun sense. Although it would be quite funny if we had a bath in Bath. OK maybe not that funny.

Apparently it's one of the most beautiful cities in England. My mother visited it during the 70s and hasn't stopped talking about it since.
Set in deepest darkest Somerset, we're going camping.

And now, Autumn fully on its way, with rain and cloud everywhere, this should be interesting. I inherited a bunch of camping amenities like like windy-up lamps (yeehah! We can geek out in the tent!), chairs, a coolie, so we should be set to go.

Road trip, on a hangover. In the rain. To Bath. Goodie.

PS: I'm not swimming in green water. Nice to look at, but negative ghostrider on the swimming.


Spear The Almighty said...

Enjoy. You like to punish yourself? Luckily the best hangover remedy is to drink. :)

Peas on Toast said...

Spear - cane for the pain baby, cane for the pain :)