Monday, September 20, 2010


The 600 year old pub, as featured in 'The Holiday'

Peas: I know you guys get this all the time, but, er, is this the pub? You know, from the movi...

Pub lady: [points] Jude Law sat there where the scatter cushions are, and Cameron Diaz sat over there [points.] We couldn't enter our village for weeks, this place was mayhem.

On the way back from Bournemouth and Ringwood this weekend, I asked the Brit if we could stop by Shere, in Surrey.

If not because it's a romantic chick flick of vomatic proporions, but because it's arguably one of the most quintessentially beautiful English villages in Britain.

Set in the hills of deepest, darkest Surrey. Where else?

The plot for the movie, as well as the location of why they did it here and in other surrounding villages, is fairly interesting in itself.

The place is so picturesque, it's almost twee. And yet, somehow substantially manages to surpass being too adorable.

Then again, this shop is called 'Rookery Nook,' which sounds like something out of a Roald Dahl story.

The sequel to Bridget Jones also made an appearance in Shere, the wedding scene was filmed at this church:

Too ridiculously pretty for words, innit?

PS: I've come to a pretty formidable conclusion that medieval people were dwarves. All the doors in these old 600-year-strong places are half the height of normal human beings. God knows what they do inside, but they must've been midgets during the time of cone hats and portcullises.


Boomkind said...

Reading the new Bryson book "At Home" in it he goes over how things in the house came about and he talks about the small doors and it isn't because they were small but because they were so expensive to make so they made them smaller to keep the cost down. Hope that helps?

Peas on Toast said...

Ah Boomkind, excellent! Been dying to get my hands on that Bryson one - thanks for delivering the answer as well :)

mamastella said...

dude in front of the pub is wearing a Bok jersey. Quaint