Thursday, October 07, 2010

cue watershed song

I'm back from Belfast.

It's my Brit's birthday today, and me being the 'power woman' at the moment, I've been itching to take some time to write something.
(Power Woman. This is his name for me currently. Having to fly all over Britain for work, and like last night, work until midnight on an event, and generally working like a tin miner in the West Midlands), meant I didn't get to wake up next to him today.

Now I'm back I'm launching full-throttle into full flavour raver behaviour. I will henceforth boast unashamedly about my lovely Brit, it's way overdue. And because he insists that he loves it when I talk about him, I do this from the rooftops of, well, south London.

It's his birthday today, and we're also celebrating our first anniversary today too.

We were meant to celebrate this last month, but because we've been so fucking busy, we're doing a double celebration today.

We have two anniversaries, because our relationship started off as a grey area. We met in South Africa, he went back home, I thought I'd never see him again. That happened in April 2009. (First anniversary date).

It developed, we saw each other every couple of months on work trips to each other's prospective countries, and we started travelling together. (First trip to Italy = second anniversary date).

And this all lead up to what we are today. And I have to say, I still don't know how I got so lucky. I am so absolutely in love with my Brit, and because we have done so much long distance, we hate being apart for any long and drawn out periods of time.

Ireland was great, but I missed my boy.

That said, I've never detailed as to who he is. So today I'm going to take the liberty.

First of all, he's a genius. No really, he's actually a genius. My Brit is a geek (how much do I love that?!), but a geek who happens to be:

1) tremendously good looking
2) has huge character and personality. (ie: can have a conversation with almost anyone without talking in algorithms.)
3) Sensational in the sack

As per example, he made a rocket last week. That's right. I swear to God.

My Brit is also the most caring and kindest individual you'll ever meet. It's his birthday today, and on landing from Belfast, he presented me with a gift. Who does that on their own birthday?

He bought me these amazing remote-controlled candles. (We're lacking 'atmospheric light' in my boudoir at the moment). They switch on and off, are made from real wax, and can flicker as you want them to. How fucking rad is that?

In addition, he organised to have me arrive home to a vase of flowers.

The Brit without doubt has been the most supportive human to me over the last three months.
He's dealt with my overwhelmed 'what the fuck is up with this crowd/weather/people shit?' amongst other culture shocks, my spate of tears while settling in, and of course, driving me to amazing parts of his country because he knows I want to explore it.

He's bitten his tongue and taken me to Saffa places when he senses I'm feeling homesick. He's shoved random boxes of my crap into the loft, and helped me find a dentist, a facialist and a hairdresser close to where I live. Bought me biltong. Showered me with love and advice.

He buys me flowers.


He's made me feel the most secure, loved and special than I've ever felt.

And that's not to say it's been easy. We've had to adapt to each other's space over the last three months. From almost nothing to everything in a flash.

It hasn't come without it's hardships - I'm a fiercely independent Jozi girl who lived on her own, did whatever she liked, when she liked and how she liked. I've had to learn to compromise and be less selfish again. My Brit has had to adapt to a new woman in his life and country, too.

And we've worked hard through it to get into each other's 'rhythm' as we call it. Me constantly needing support, but also needing space to do this 'on my own.' That's a lot of pushing and pulling he's dealt with.

Now it's been three months here, it's impossible to envisage my life without him.

As a result of anniversaries, adversities and so much love, I wanted to spoil him rotten for his birthday. Flights to Bangkok and a camera to record the memories.

And [my] mammories if he so wishes.

We're going to go to Thailand and Vietnam in January next year. (ie: when it's especially shit in England weather-wise.)

He's just so special.


mamastella said...

Every girl/woman deserves to be treated this way.

I know exactly what you mean and I love my man to bits because he's a carer and my unwavering support system.

Glad you are happy, you deserve it!

Much love from dreary CT xx

totally cooked said...
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totally cooked said...

it rained yesterday ;)

I am so chuffed for you but if he even starts thinking of buying you shoes I am platzing from proper jealousy ;)


It is the question said...

He made a rocket the other day.

You're talking metaphorically again, aren't you?

But I'm concerned that it's taken so long!

Peas on Toast said...

mama - thanks mama, and am so pleased that yours treats you with the same amount of love and respect xxx

cooked - haha! Do wellies count? (as in gumboots?) xxx

IITQ - not even, he literally made a flying rocket. He's a ROCKET SCIENTIST!

He has two rockets now, you see :)

Bailey Schneider said...

So extremely chuffed for you my friend! Miss you terribly, but TG for the blog which makes the distance not seem so bad!!
I'm happy you're happy and so glad he is making you feel nothing short of spectacular ... which you are ;-)
Happy happy

Peas on Toast said...

Bless thanks Bails. Am missing you man, I have to stream you online now dude!
Hope everything is going well there for you, thinking of you lots xx