Monday, November 22, 2010

boots will get me through this

Out of all the time I have lived here (around 5 months. I lose count now), I have never felt so homesick as I did yesterday.

Blimey. The tears.

Mum and my aunt left to go back home, and after a few glasses of gluhwein at the Cologne Christmas Market next to a freezing cold Thames, I spent the afternoon in tears with the Brit telling me it was going to be ok.

I bought a pair of bright red Wellingtons. Which I plan to spend the rest of my life in. I feel like Princess Anne going on a hunt in the Cotswolds.

I feel the need to milk a cow when I wear them.

Still, yesterday was spent much of the afternoon suffering the void of my SA-bound madre.

Poen - now sitting in Kenya - is giving me advice on Seasonal Affective Disorder. Which may also be contributing to everything.

I have SAD.

I am missing my friends and family something chronic.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be channeling your inner Dorothy which is a good start, but don't let SAD get you down. Soon you will be able to dance in the snow in your lovely red boots, probably with a lovely red nose to match!

I've been here for over a year and a half and it just gets better and better.

Make sure you milk it with the brit though, no harm in getting a few extra cuddles to make up for the long distance relatives!

Any news on the house?

cassey said...

I'm with mom-on-a-wire soon you'll be playing in the snow with awesome boots. Also there are fun Christmas stuff that you could do to beat the SAD into a bloody pulp.

SpecialK said...

Ah, Peas. I feel you. I've been in Dubai almost three years now and still have those days. Not as often as I did in the first year, though. Hang in there. Hope the SAD subsides soon soon! xx

Peas on Toast said...

Wired Mom - Dorothy or milk farmer, either way they're rather pretty aren't they? Negating, of course, the strange looks from colleagues in the office today...

Am pleased to hear it gets better. As I never thought I'd have quite the wobbly I had yesterday!

Our second offer got refused last week :( Another source of frustration as it was perfect. Now have to let go and start the hunt again. As long as its in gumboots, I can do this.


cassey - get DRUNK in the boots. Yes! Now you're talking :)

Special - Wow didn't realise you were in Dubai, silly me. Am glad what I'm feeling (emotional wreck?!) is normal somewhat. And hopefulyl as you say it will get better as the years...eeek...roll by....

Kerry said...

It will definitely get better Peas. I think it helps when you gets used to things. For example, I am getting used to minus degree Winters with lots of snow and keep thinking - Only 1 degree? Pah! Where are the minus numbers like I am used to?! And - Call this snow?!
Hope I made you smile. :)