Thursday, November 11, 2010

easy listening for the over 30s

We went to a rave last weekend.

And the reason I haven't written about it is because:

1) It sucked.

Fabric is a well-known club in London's East End, it's just that it's this cavernous hole, filled with people chewing their jaws off, and just loads and loads of stairs.

As a 30 year old rave virgin, I feel cheated.

I don't throw bottles of pills down my gat, so I suppose I was never going to keep up anyway. But in a purist 'I'm going for the music! And the music alone!' I naively thought that I could actually stay awake, pumped on techno, beyond 3:00am.

Not so. Too old. The music was shite anyway, nothing I was promised - it was meant to be traditional dirty house. We spent most of the night going from one room to the next, seeking a good DJ, up loads of stairs and returning less happy than ever.

The Brit was happy; I was not.

It's time to admit - and I cried the next morning when I fully come to terms with this - is that my clubbing days? They're well and truly over.

Give me a pub and red wine over that any day. Better still, give me my living room with my cheesy old school 90s techno music blaring over the speakers and wine, and then I'm happy.

I was bored stiff.


frederick1976 said...

hey laurian, no worries... the dancing is never over. I felt related to your experience having been to this place some 3 years ago and felt similar. Honestly this place requires some serious swallowing of the stuff that the majority of those do that go there... otherwise hard to bear...there are many club in London where you will feel "revived or rejuvenated" finding yourself on the dance floor like a teen with a crowd like yourself... so keep dancing , no worries ;-)

Robyn Silverstone said...

Sway bar - Holborn, Great Queen Street is a brilliant club. 3 separate music areas. Absolutely awesome on a Saturday night

Electric Ballroom - Sat night in Camden is worth it

Secret said...

Serial - I am 25 and I know my clubbing days are a thing of the past, so the fact that you made it to 30 is something to be proud of.
Honestly, my days of Tiger, Tiger, Gandalfs and Long Street trawling are long over. I hardly even drink anymore.
So pubs and coffee (I know) and the occasional red are what my life is about these days.
More often, it would be lying on my couch watching series and seeing friends. There is just so much to do on weekend days to waste them on hangovers and catching up on sleep.
(Also, clubs bore the krap out of me).
So. Welcome to the club :)

Peas on Toast said...

fred - what a cool surprise! Am glad you understand exactly where I'm coming from, especially since you were a Londoner not so long ago.
It's sad to realise the clubbing chapter just might be done.
But no doubt I'll keep dancing. That I can promise :) Hope NYC is treating you well!

Robyn - hmmmmm, you promise?!

Secret - thank God! I know I've grown out of a few things over the last few years, but it's good to know I'm in good company. Wine, mates, couch slothing and using my whole day on a Saturday to do stuff definitely sounds familiar. Without a hangover I can pack SO much into my day - hang on...why do I sound like my Mum?!

fuzzy logic said...

I have to say - to me, Fabric is like the Leicester Square of clubbing. You feel like you have to go there, but when you do, you're like "Is this it?".
That said, clubbing on a school night is pretty hardcore, and well, generally that kind of music is hard to take without some, er, help.
But, as the other say, there are plenty of other places to go. Joe Kools and the Grand are better for cheesy music and being surrounded by Saffers. Infernos if you prefer being surrounded by vom ;-)

Robyn Silverstone said...

Yeah I agree with Fuzzy Logic. It's something you have to do but then it's like meh.

Even if you go to Clapham Grand, you know you'll be surrounded by Saffas and probably bump into peeps you know.

Sway Bar was always a great jol for the Jew Crew. Music is great, drinks reasonable, easy location.

*Hoxton Square
*Proud Gallery
*Electric birdcage

are some more.