Monday, December 13, 2010

and thus order was restored

You know when you wake up and you think, Fuck. FUCK!

This alarming blasphemation, first thing on a Sunday morning can usually be attributed to:

1) You've woken up in a stranger's bed. And by Jove is he hairy.
2) Hangover and want to die.
3) You're about to write a maths paper.
4) You've missed a flight.
5) You have shit to do.

I had a hangover but suddenly realised that with us going away to the Eastern Bloc this weekend (You like that? We're off to see the Soviets in Slovakia), I have adult shit to do.

Christmas shopping. Card sending. Hoover my room. Dust. Buy shit for the house.
All while my head was about to detonate like a nuke out of Hiroshima from a 30th birthday the day previously.

I scrubbed the shitter, did two loads of washing, cleaned out my cupboard and felt the panic drain away.

See, I get like this. When I feel like I haven't done enough admin or upkeep, because I've been going out too much, say, I start to panic.

I need order to be restored every now and then. Which is why I know there's never any real danger that I'd ever, say, become a full-time alcoholic.

Shirking all my responsibilities is something I can only do for a week. Or two, at best. Then I just panic, become Monica and go completely ape-shit with cleaning and doing admin.

I'm a Virgo.

I got into Monica-mode, while my Brit patiently allowed me to furiously write lists, while spraying down my furniture with window cleaner at the same time. Then we dragged ourselves to Debenhams to Christmas shop.

I burned a lot of cash yesterday.

I chatted to the Dove on Skype and she said about Christmas shopping,
"It's more challenging that climbing Everest. It's boring, it's expensive, it's crowded and it's a bit of a joke."

The Brit and I were beading out by the time we left the throngs of people in the store. We vowed to do the rest of it online.

That said, it does sort of kick you into the Christmas spirit. I mean, I only heard Mariah's latest Christmas soundtrack constantly for 3 hours. Eventually it sinks in, and you either die, or you hold on for dear life.

Office Christmas party tonight.


cassey said...

Christmas is the awesome, and so are lists :)

Secret said...

Personally, Im over this xmas shopping shit. Throngs of hot, smelly people in shopping malls full of undisciplined, horrible children and nauseating xmas music. Ill stay home and eat chocolate thanks.

Madi said...

Ha Ha!

Reading your post reminded me of a post on another blog I read... seriously good for a laugh!

Happy Christmas shopping!

Peas on Toast said...

cassey - what on EARTH would we do without lists?!

Secret - The music and the children - all on chocolate - was nearly the end of me yesterday. And also stabbing things by accident with the rolls of Chrsitmas paper I had under my arm...

Madi - ooh thanks for the link, I will check it out straight away!