Friday, December 24, 2010

merry new years and happy christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! After this post, I plan to unplug my computer for at least four days, and take myself down to the train station.

The lugging of baggage continues; am off to catch a train to Bournemouth, where my Brit will be meeting me. Am having another traditional English Christmas with him and his family.

I am missing my family and friends more than I even expected. I'm lucky I have kind lovely people to share Christmas with here.

So, I trotted off to get my Brit's present last night. Tell me if you think this is cunning:

In a shoe box, surrounded by five bags of M & Ms, lies an incy wincy iPod. (Steve Jobs' latest objet d'arte is the size of my eyeball. Ridonkulous.) The point here is to make my Brit think the gift is deceptively bigger than an iPod.

Cover iPod completely in a sea of M & Ms.

Drape bling over M & Ms. "Happy Chrsitmas darling, I bought you a chav necklace!" Which is what this was. I went into Poundland to buy this beeyoot. Everything inside is a pound, and trust me, the clientele there are rather special. I just avoided getting into a scuffle with one for this piece of beautiful gold jewellery.

Just as he starts to think I got him a fake gold chain and a bunch of coloured balls for Christmas, I'll tell him to dig a bit further and voila! A minute music playing machine will emerge! (One of his many nicknames - I have a few for him - is Snorkie. Hence the name scrawled on the card.)

Clever creative? Or no?

Too late she cried. Right it's time to go. My Slovakia diary will have to wait.

Here's to a fantastic Christmas. Whoops, I nearly forgot my bottle of Prosecco. (Cheap, but very drinkable, champagne. For the train.)


Kathleen said...

Merry Christmas Peas!! Hope you and the Brit have a great one. Dont get snowed in again:0

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Kathleen! And to you too :)

mamastella said...

I love your idea! Do share his reaction :)

Merry belated christmas, glad you have good ppl around you.