Thursday, December 02, 2010


London is but covered this morning with inches and inches of snow.

If my Wellingtons have been the subject of ridicule, then who is laughing now?

(Especially the French guy who said, "Yu arre a leetle fashon veecteem oui?")

I am, fuckers.

It's freezing and all trains have stopped working, basically.

Woke up, looked out of [The Brit's] window [above], and wow. Winter wonderland.

Unheard of for this early on, I'm told. Am also told I need to brace myself.

I have unwittingly moved to England on the apex of what is deemed to be the Harshest Winter In The UK In Twenty Years.

I've stepped, gingerly, into this new country, new climate, and albeit beautiful and white, it's going to continue to be fucking freezing, epic, and insane.

The road. Oh so quiet. No fuckwits, chavs, people or cars.

If my vision serves me correctly (mascara is now iced up and frozen on me eyelids), that looks like a Saffa in a rubgy jersey trying to start his car just off Putney Hill.
Which reminds me. I bought a bag of biltong last night in Wimbledon. A bag so big, I'd need to check it in on a flight. Or pay for it if I was going EasyJet.

These are train tracks. Notice that no trains are on these tracks. This is how transport operates in London when it snows.

But at least I have my Wellingtons. It's a challenge to get around, it's plain dogsballs. But it is ever so pretty.


cassey said...

Awesome pic of your boots in the snow :)

Robyn Silverstone said...

Effin' hell... memories of 'the harshest winter 2009' - UK news agencies love a bit of dramaz

You'll never beat that cold cutting through you like glass but as long as you have: wellies, gloves, scarf and a stylish beanie... you may survive till Jan.

Roxy said...

LOVE your wellies. Seriously they are awesome and they can brighten up the most miserable day, right? I am sporting mine at this very minute in the office (couldn't be bothered changing them) black with polka dots :) I love them.
Wanted leopard print ones but they didn't have my size, bugger.
Anyway - WOW the snow in London. Two years ago there was about 20 cm for a whole 3 days and everything was paralised. I loved it as I never made in into the office (canada water - Fulham broadway connection was dead)

Peas on Toast said...

Roxy - ah love that you also can't be bothered to take yours off in the office either. Now we're cooking, because frankly what's the point, when polka dots/red is so bright and lovely right?
Enjoy being snowed in - I somehow made it into work from Putney through to Victoria, it only took two trains and a bus! ;)