Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ads & fringes & political parties

I just have to say...

British television advertising is a dichotomous mixture of the absurd and the twee. It's tweesurd.

For example, the Snickers ad. Mr T from The A Team bursts through the set in an army tanker, shopping short of a man standing there in a kilt. Mr T then flings open the hatch, tears the wrapping off a Snickers bar and screams, "IT'S GOT NUTS!. And then...it ends.

The rest of the ads on TV are seemingly all about chocolate balls or Lenor fabric softener.

Whereas, the ads that line the inside of a tube are slightly more compelling.

You'll get one saying, "Read this so you can avoid eye contact with the semi-intellectual guy standing right in front of you and pretend to be seriously interested in what this sentence says....Or you can just buy cheaper insurance with us.

Or, like on this morning's tube, you'll find most of it plastered with terracotta-baked rooftops in Provence with, Travel to the south of France! Only £0.99!!* Conditions apply.

I happen to think that the copywriters in this nation are exemplary. The ones that write stuff anyway. The television ad about how Lloyds Bank will make the sun miraculously start streaming through your kitchen window is taking the piss though, let's be honest.

I ran 4 kilometres - unwilling - always unwilling - along Fulham Road this morning trying to find the farking hospital.

I have to have a mole removed. And the NHS still said that I need to come back for the actual removal of it. They've checked it out 3 times now, how many more do they need until they bloody take it out?

I still can't decide if I'm Tory or Labour.
Last month I was Labour. This weekend I was Tory. I've been told to stay away from the Liberal Democrats. I'm stuck. Help.

I'm thinking of getting a fringe. I haven't had once since I was 7, and there's probably a good reason for that.
It could go one of two ways. I could either look like a complete twat or I could look like Twiggy. Do I take the chance?


cassey said...

Getting a fringe is hard work, I had one 3 years ago, and am still dealing with the aftermath. You'll like your fringe for all of 5 minutes and then you need to maintain it, and after that the growing it out nightmare starts. So think really hard before you get one :-/

Kathleen said...

Dont do the fringe. I had my hair cut three weeks ago into a short cut with a fringe. It looked great in the picture but reality not so much. The fringe keeps getting in my eyes and annoying me. I miss my long hair(sob) can you tell?
I love the advert on the tube:0

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks ladies!

Very practical advice indeed, and have since decided against the fringe for those very reasons. i find it a mission to straighten my hair everytime I wash it, nevermind getting it cut the whole time.

Maybe I'll dye it or something. Can you tell how excited I am to get out of the house for summer?!

Charmskool said...

My English ex-husbank tells me it's easy to decide whether you are Tory or Labour. Posh people are Tory, working class yobbos are Labour. Can you tell he's a Tory?

cassey said...

Ooh new colour, that is something fun to play with, but there are somethings to watch out for. Sorry for being Debbie Downer :-/ It's just because I recently broke my stick to natural shades rule, and am not in like with my hair right now.

Spear The Almighty said...

Yes, fringes suck, look at Yo-Landi from the Antwoord. :)