Tuesday, April 19, 2011

bom dia portugal

If there's one thing I've loved living in London for, is the ability to springboard.

Springboard straight onto the European continent, as much as my income and leave will allow.

Next to cheese, travel is the thing I live for. Given we have four days for Easter coming up, we're off again - launching ourselves into a new Mediterranean paradise.

We originally planned to go to Spain, but can't find anything cheap or decent out of Yobbo Country.

I have it on good authority that 'Yobbo Country' is wherever EasyJet flies.
So initially we were looking at the 'real' Spain. The Costa de la Luz, down on the south-western coast. Where people call tomatoes 'tomatinas' and people eat paella, not fish and chips.

No dice. We instead got a better deal to Portugal. And frankly, I am even more excited now. Four days spread out like a spatchcock chicken across the sandy beaches of the Algarve.
Staying right on 'Praia de Rocha,' that cool beach with rad rock formations jutting out of the blue.

There's something edgy about Portuguese countries. I'm thinking Portugal must be the mothership of Brazil and Mozambique. And both those countries are two of my favourites on the planet.

So Easter might not be filled with roast lamb, but rather peri peri chicken and maybe even a few cheeky caipirinhas, while sunning our hides on the beach.

This is what living in Europe is about, frankly. Being able to find a crazy deal to the Med, cheap flights and accommodation included, a mere few hours away.

Thinking of hiring bikes and cycling through the little towns that dot the coast of the Algarve. To see places like Silves, for example:



cassey said...

Colour me jealous :0 Have fun :)

Roxy said...

I second that!

DelBoy said...

Make sure you visit Lagos. And if you hire a car (quite cheap over there), take a drive to Tavira for the best seafood ever!

Oh, and avoid 'Yobbo Country' in Albufeira - clubs called 'London Town', 'Vegas', 'The Underground', etc... you get my drift.

Flarkit said...

Gawd, that sounds magnifico!

/joins the envy club

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys - be envious if it's nice weather, holding thumbs :)

DelBoy thanks for the advice, I've heard Lagos (the Portuguese one, not Nigerian one (!) is awesome, so will definitely try and get there!