Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Dad had to put my dog down last night.

Ombre was our family Staffie that we've had since he was a pup in 1997. He lived with us as a family, then with my mum when my folks divorced, then with me at varsity, and then with my Dad from there on out.

He was a very very special dog. He almost made it to 13 years old.

A proper Staffie by any nature. Preferred humans over other dogs, thrived when he got attention, and looked classically like Jock of the Bushveld.

In fact, there was a time when he was Jock. My dad lived in the Karroo for a few years, and took this shot of him running through the hinterland.

Smiling. He was always smiling.

He is also the only Staffie I knew who loved water. Staffies aren't water dogs. Ombre though would throw himself with reckless abandon into rivers, dongas and the sea.

Loved jawlocking himself around objects. Like his tyre.

When dad moved to Cape Town, he spent the latter half of his life 'body surfing' - I kid you not - on Fish Hoek beach, jumping through waves and plucking kelp off the ocean floor to bring back to Dad as a present.

I'm sitting in the office now, all tanned and prawned up from Portugal, with a very very heavy heart. Wondering if I should take a stroll around the building away from my desk before I burst into tears in front of everyone.

He was such a special dog. Who was around for my mother, father and myself all during horrible testing times.

It's best he was put asleep, he was in pain.

I am heartbroken.

Rest in peace special baby.


I am Megan said...

My thoughts are with you. Losing a dog is heart tearing. I hope you will find solace.

Fiy, I had two staffies who also loved water. We lived on a farm with a make shift dam, or it was one when it rained a lot. And they loved it.

SpecialK said...

:'( I'm so sorry, Peas. My thoughts are with you. x

po said...

So sorry to hear it Peas. Beautiful pictures.

Cinzia said...

So sorry Peas, thinking of you xxx

Stacey Rowan said...

It's always sad when our best friends leave us. I lost my dog, Duke, last year and still miss him. They will always be in our hearts. Sorry to hear peas xxx

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys. Had a good old cry last night and went through all his pictures. He was so so special.

Megan - so cool to hear your staffies loved water. Our other one hated it. Would not touch it.

Roxy said...

OH man! this brought tears to my eyes. I know what it feels like to lose a dog. It's heartbreaking. SO sorry to hear that Peas. xxx

Dexter said...

The worst thing I had to do in my life.. we shared a sandwich before in the Vets parking lot... he literally snapped it out of my hand. SHould I go through with it? Whimpering day and night, bleeding from tumour on stomach. Yes..... that feeling of him sinking slowly in my arms as the shot took effect... head between the paws.. couldn't say a thing to a soul after that. COuldnt drive away for half hour. Empty blanket on back seat. We must have travelled 100,000 km together across the hinterland. Is all the pleasure worth the pain in the end...? don't know. But there shall not be another one.. they won't live up to it. He was deaf in the end but understood 16 hand signals. SO.. you can teach an old dog new tricks. See you again one day my bebby.
The Dad

I am Megan said...

Yeah, it was quite strange. Our Jack Russel used to hate water. He died last year, hit-and-run :(

But we have a staffie x rottweiller now, or rather we've always had her, and my mom has to lock her in the house when she wants to water the garden. She chases the water and destroys the garden. And when my mom scolds her, the dog gets so frustrated that she starts pulling out big tufts of grass.

Your dad's comment just had me sobbing.