Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dropping a dart

I consulted an American buddy yesterday. He's one of the most unAmerican Americans I know. In that he hasn't only left his state, he left the country. And now lives in London.

He's not particularly loud.

He's also travelled and lived all over the States, so he was the best person to ask about where to go.

"Don't go to Indiana, dog. You won't get out alive."

I trust this dude.

He helped supervise the the dart game to give me this shortlist - in order to determine where I should go on a free weekend after a work trip to San Francisco in October.

1) Des Moines, Iowa. Un. Lucky.

2) Anywhere, Vermont. (Dart didn't land near a town)

3) Santa Fe, New Mexico (Now this could be feasible. I've heard it's beautiful)

4) Helena, Montana. (Brad Pitt is from here. Given he's old, now lives in Malibu and fucks Angelina Jolie - should I still go?)

5) Juneau, Alaska. (Good one.)

My American buddy:

"Your dart just landed on Alaska. What are the chances."

Peas: Well that's a no.

"You should just stick to the original plan and go to New Orleans like you wanted to."

Peas: I really want to go. But two problems. One: it's a four hour flight from San Francisco across two time zones. Two: My dart didn't land anywhere near there.

"Fine. I'd say Montana. That place sure is beautiful."

Peas: By myself though?

"Well sure."

Peas: What about Wyoming, what's that like?

"It's a shit hole. My mother's from there."

Peas: OK. What about...Little Rock, Arkansas?

"It's a terrible fucking place."

Peas: OK what about Texas?"

"There's no reason for you to visit Texas."

Peas: Why?

"Well...unless you like Woody Nelson. Then you can check out Austin."

Peas: No. How about..Oregon?

"Yeah...I mean, actually yeah that might be OK."

Peas: OK? Isn't it really pretty?

"Yeah I guess. Ooh wait, actually it is."

So. I'm hiring a car, driving up the northern coast of California and into Oregon.

I might be bringing some team mates with me, but for now, Oregon is ON.


lynetter said...

So I just discovered your *fabulous* blog thanks to your G+ profile. Dunno if you like books but if you do... I recommend this place on Oregon coast:

It's not flash but it's comfortable.
Not that you'd need it, but the dining game thing where you eat with strangers and play 'guess the lie' breaks the ice even for shy folk like me.
It's one of the most relaxing places in the world.

Frankly, this hotel alone is enough to ensure I go back to Oregon someday.

Peas on Toast said...

Ah thanks Lynette! Good to have you on board :)
I'll run this idea past the other two, I think it's superb - and frankly need all the suggestions in the world.

SOLD! :)