Thursday, June 16, 2011


Beatles Platz. With little Beatles cut outs. Bless
Shit I never knew about Hamburg. Jesus I'm hungover.

Yes. Hamburgers are from Hamburg
Strictly speaking, the idea of putting a piece of meat in between two buns was the brainchild of a guy from Hamburg, and was first seen in Chicago.

It's the only 'free' city in Germany
It's never had its own monarch, and therefore it doesn't have its own castle. This is rare in Churmanee.

The prostitutes aren't legal, but they aren't illegal either
You'll find them lined up on the Reeperbahn, but wearing, say, a tracksuit or a pair of jean pant. By dressing like someone who isn't a prostitute, or semi respectfully, the cops let them get on with the sex.

All the prostitutes wear a fanny pack
Not being funny or anything, but moonbags? From the 90s? Oh they're back. Dude. The hookers in Hamburg wear them while they loiter the streets. My question is not 'why?' My question is - what the hell do they have in there? Petty cash? Lube?

The Beatles lived in Hamburg for a year
I know. What the fuck. They lived in Hamburg in 1960 and garnered a huge audience before going back to England. I found this out by stumbling across 'Beatles Platz' last night, a square dedicated to them.

It's one of Europe's busiest and biggest ports
It's not quite on the coast, but its river is ginormous, so ships the size of small countries can get down there.

It's known to be the friendliest German city
Berlin I rate as the city in my Top 2, yet Hamburgers reckon Berliners are grumpy and cold. This may be true, given that Hamburgers smile at you on the street, in the lift, everywhere basically. It's very...unGerman.

I got taken out and ate a 'sausage salad' for dinner
No carbs. Just a salad made out of sausages - you know, the usual - three bottles of Riesling, loads of gin and tonics, and now, a furious hangover.



Secret said...

Beatles Platz? Im moving to Hamburg.

Peas on Toast said...

Secrte - I know, have you ever? Only in Churmanee will you have a pop culture phenomenon, celtralised into one 'Platz.'


Secret said...

I am probably the biggest Beatles fan that ever lived (even bigger than my dad, which is hard to beat considering he was actually alive during Beatle Mania), so if there is a place where they have Beatle cut outs that I can stare at and romance all day long, I will live there. :D