Friday, July 01, 2011

jon lajoie, the canadian jack parow

I've discovered what Jack Parow already knows.

I've discovered the North American version of Jack Parow - he's been around longer - perhaps his nemesis or his inspiration, you decide.

Enter Jon Lajoie, a Canadian dude. Of the Flight of the Conchords genre. The genre where people sing about stupid shit that becomes mainstream pop culture.

This dude's fucking awesome. And given it's Canada Day, well, it's more than apt.

What about Rapist Glasses?

Paedophile bears?

High as fuck?

Or our old friend, Chat Roulette?

And because it's Friday - unofficial video day - here's a completely unrelated one about sexual harassment in the office place:

After the week I've had - I could do with a bit of a comedy in my life.

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