Monday, July 18, 2011

room of stereotypes

Our team at work is largely made up of foreigners.

So it's not uncommon to hear a conversation like the one below at lunch.

Welsh Man: Ah you Aus-sies. You think you can just swan in yer (here in Welsh), in your Bermuda shorts......and your tan.

Aussie: Shuddup.

Welsh Man: Your so easy to wind up.

Aussie: You're from Wales.

Welsh Man: See? You're biting.

Aussie: You're takeeng the pees out of me and you're from Swansea.

Peas: Dude. You don't need to shit a boomerang.

Welsh Man: "Doood. Yoo Dun't need to shut a boomerang."

Peas: I don't talk like that.

Aussie: Oi've leeved heere for foive yeers. Eet's not loike I arrived yesterday.

Welsh Man: Mel-borne orn-ly 'as two 'ou-zuzs in it any-way.

Peas: At least you guys have one thing in common: sheep.

Welsh Man: I shagged a dog, not a sheep.

Aussie: Oh yee? What was her name?

A Brit: What are Bermuda shorts mate? You mean boardies?

Peas: Welsh person, have you ever had a tan?

Welsh Man: Yes. Once.

Peas: In your country?

Welsh man: Nor. In Bennee-dorm.

I love it.

We were thinking that the Canadian amongst us doesn't get nearly enough stick as the rest of us.
It's time to get South Park on her ass.

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