Friday, July 08, 2011

usher and work functions

The scene: Pan-European work bash last night. Involving colleagues from around 15 different European countries.

Question. Shagging in clubs. Publicly. Cool or not cool?


Sang Usher's "I Wanna Make Love In This Club."

Inevitable. Always happens, always the same song, always vulgar, always satisfying.

Lyrics emanating through my head: I wanna bag you like some groceries, which is apparently gangsta talk for I wanna have sex with you in this club.

Career limiting move? Sure.

Voice like a nightingale? Definitely not.

Videographic evidence? Apparently so.

Funny? Oh most definitely.

Why? Because if you're going to have karaoke at a work bash that I am attending, you're going to hear this song.
I can't not sing it.

Saved? Yes. Someone sang Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."

And thus, the suggestion of copulation in a night club was beautifully usurped by an equally suggestive Marvin Gaye rendition instead.

Thank fuck for that.

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