Tuesday, August 09, 2011

the london riots have hit my hood

This is at the bottom of my road this morning.

Takes a riot in your neighborhood to put things in perspective.

Clapham Junction, where I live, has been looted, pillaged, burnt out and destroyed last night. Like the rest of London.

Chavs abound, destroying everything in site. Some even walking around with petrol bombs and burning out shops. All on my high street, a few hundred metres from our house.

My area looks like a war zone. Chavs as young as twelve, breaking windows and seizing TVs, anything they can find. And for wht? They're not poverty stricken, it's not political - they are doing it because their friends are doing it. For no fucking reason at all.

There aren't enough cops to dilute the violence, they are in other parts of the city. So for almost two hours, they did what they pleased - breaking every shop on the high street. Why don't the they call the army in? Shot them with rubber bullets and tear gas?

They have NO reason to be doing this, they are fucking criminals. The result of a natioan who is too fucking scared to discipline the fuckers. People here are scared of children - isn't there something wrong with that sentence? The youth of Britain are broken.

Where are the values and ethics? The sense of entitlement is not born from poverty, it's born from no one disciplining them and teaching them the difference between what's right and wrong.

I am appalled and distraught. No sleep from all the smoke and choppers.
The fancy dress shop, ablaze last night, is now being put out this morning.

There is no punishment that fits this crime. They won't even see the repercussions of killing people's livelihoods.

I'm hoping to go along this morning to help clean up, once the crime scene has been cleared up. (It's all taped off.)

The Twitterati is ganging together to organise a clean up for the poor people who have lost their businesses.

During a time like this, communities pull together. If there is one good thing out of this.


catherine said...

Tear gas and rubber bullets. In SA the police won't hesitate to use them. I don't like violence but the police need to take control of the situation.

Peas on Toast said...

Totally agree catherine.
These cops need to be armed and they need to be scared. It's totally unbalanced.

Tear gas at the very least. I have never hated chavs so much as I do now. Britain needs to take control of this situation, it's disgusting.

Revolving Credit said...

Need us to send you some SA riot police? Maybe just a few pissed off Afrikaner locals. 'Breek jy my fokken winkel jou donder? Ken jy laag vat, poes klap and dood skiet?'

Can you say 'Live Ammunition'.

We would so not put up with this kak.

Just shoot a few and the rest will disperse, knowing full well that should they return the same fate would await them.

Yes you have the right to protest - protest away.

Bur arson and pillage should be dealt with severely.

Just think that no-one in the UK has the balls to deal with it.

You think Margaret Thatcher would come out of retirement and kick some ass???

Peas on Toast said...

Bring on Thatcher, Rev.

I 100% agree with you. This kak is NOT ACCEPTABLE at home. These soft lefties are pissing me off. No one has the balls to deal with this. And it enrages me.

Send me some of the old SAP as you say (and that made me laugh for the first time this mornign so thank you :), shit needs to be sorted the fuck out.

Pierre said...

It's shocking to say the least. (I have shared your blog post on my Facebook.) The question now is what will happen next? Will the riots continue and what will the UK government do?

po said...

I think the police can't stop them with rubber bullets and tear gas - they are afraid to. Not because they are afraid of the kids, but because they are kids. If they so much as damage one kid, they will be crucified, the public will tear them down, and that is the whole problem. This country worships their kids as gods, the kids can do no wrong. Can they now?

fuzzy logic said...

I was in that crowd this morning! Unfortunately had to head back to work for the afternoon. Hope you managed to stay on - my brother managed to, and they were let in about 20 mins ago.

Roxy said...

Peas i lived there for 7 years. I have no words. Compulsory sterilization comes to mind when I watch the news. It makes me so angry, and I totally agree with you they should do something about it. Gas them, shoot rubber bullets, fucking anything! The worst part is like you said, they will not get punished for ruining people's lives, people's hard work.
And while watching the clip the guy said Waterstone's not touched. If I remember correctly it's a book store, isn't it? So no surprise there. What would they use books for?
I am so freaking livid it's unreal!
Listen to this!!! Just listen!!! Arghhhh: http://audioboo.fm/boos/434411-leana-hosea-speaks-to-croydon-looters

Peas on Toast said...

Hi guys

It's absolutely appalling isn't it?
I'm still in shock. And for those that were there and lived there - I finally got back there around 4:30 this afternoon. the sense of community and the 'broom brigade' showing their solidarity is amazing.

What they do with these mindless, ungrateful thugs is another story. I have signed a petition with the govt today on the looters having their benefits taken away for the victims of these riots.

I am still furious. Something HAS to change with the youth in Britain.

Bailey Schneider said...

HOLY SHIT!! Please take care of yourself.
I don't understand human beings *scoff*... I really don't!

A "little" blind that the cops can't get this under control?
SHOCKING to see what's going on and SCARY that it's happening where you are.

churchaholic said...

Fuck me I'm Liberal and I now want a shoot to kill policy introduced for these scumbags.

How dare they reduce the UK to a third world country, or LA

Secret said...

SO I just read in the paper that the Wimpy in Clapham Junction (owned by a Saffer) has been looted.
I was all like "WHHHHAAA?!?!?!"

I think go down there and save it because:
A. you are a saffer
B. you might want a burger sometime soon.

Or maybe not. It is dangerous. :P

Keep safe!


Flarkit said...

Arrest looters on sight, chuck a few inna brig for 2 nights. A few soldiers armed with rubber bullets couldn't hurt either. If the laaites feel like acting like violent criminals, treat 'em as such too. A few bloody noses will dissuade the rest I'm sure.

Kathleen said...

I read there are 8 year old kids involved. What kind of future does Britain have if the streets are ruled by kids like that? I have always hated the chavs and general yobbish behaviour but this just brings it to new heights. Just tell them to leave the airport alone I am flying through Heathrow in a few days:) Glad that a real sense of community is coming through against such awful behaviour.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys.

I totally agree with all your points on children literally running these streets and that it is out of control. Thanks for all your kind thoughts xx