Monday, October 10, 2011

san diego

So I have man flu.

Shit's going down on my tonsils and nasal cavities and it ain't pretty.

I arrived in San Diego, wearing a skirt, stockings, cashmere jumper, tweed blazer.

I don't think I could've looked more out of place if I tried. San Diego is the California we see in the movies. Palm trees, excessive sunglasses wearage, people in tank tops.

I don't think Tweed blazers and stockings is something you can even buy here.

People were staring; I was sweating like a glazed ham.
Then a large SUV pulled up, with a petite blonde inside wearing ginormous shades.

Just like I last remembered her, 12 years ago in France.
She was one of my two 'surrogate' mothers on my gap yah - and she might be small, but hell she was fun.

We screamed, threw our arms around each other and for the next 28 hours I was in San Diego we didn't stop talking.

As a result? Man flu. So more tomorrow. California dreaming.

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