Tuesday, November 29, 2011

deadmau5 & light

Last night, a few of headed to Mill Bank, on the river, to watch a free gig and 3D light show.

Strictly speaking, the whole thing was for the launch of a Nokia smartphone, but whatevs.

Where else in the world, can you rock up on the edge of a river in a city, where giant projectors are throwing all sorts of crazy 3D light shapes onto a building, while a well-known electronic band from Canada plays a gig, on a Monday?

London, that's where. Innit.
Come on over everybody, free show.

The 3D show projected onto this building was mindblowing, the below video doesn't really do it justice. Deadmau5 played, and within half an hour it was over. Deadmau5 worse a yellow mouse outfit like he always does.

Two of The. Biggest. Fans. Evah were in front of us, and totes got overly excited when he came on. She claimed to have snogged him. Which is a bit farfetched, considering he supposedly never takes his big fuck off mouse suit. Ever. Maybe she stuck her tongue in his [fabric] mouth?

We were really there for the fresh smell of the Thames.

Huddled altogether, swigging on cider, we wondered how many people had rushed down there, popped a few hexstacy pills and then just as the show ended, they were like:

"Fuck. Show's over. [grind grind on the jaws] what the fuck shall we do now?" And so ended up trying to make snow angels on the grass, fucked off their heads, wondering where the techno and groovy lights went, on a Monday night.

Some dude had a yack as we walked past.

It's super random really. But super random stuff involving lights and shit usually goes down well in London it seems.

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