Thursday, December 29, 2011

48 hrs of girlie bliss

Spent the last 48 hours doing the following:

Massaging my face, watching docu-dramas on Bio channel, lighting candles, running baths, massaging my scalp with my new Headonistic™ head massager that L gave me for Chrissie, nipping down to Chelsea on the bus because of the telegraphic beckoning of Zara and Ted Baker and their prospective December sales, buying some awesome crap at both places for half price, eating Waitrose food, sleeping, reading chavnificent tabloid magazines, working from my couch (a little), gargling, necking vitamin C, trying on my new red pants, packing for Amsterdam.


It's been the best 48 hours ever. Just what a sniffling 30something needs to prepare for one mentaltastic New Year's weekend in Amsterdam.

We haven't had a lot of weekends lately at home. Those awesome hibernation-slouchy ones that have involved walking around naked/one piece of pyjama on.

Christ, I did the dishes in my pants. I thrust open the tea cupboard, and got through 8 different teas today. I stuck my head in the fridge about 6 times.

God it was pleasant.

Having some time at home - half working, half lying around doing sweet fuck all, has been brilliant. My throat still hurts, but I am ready to take on the 'Dam tomorrow.

By some random tangent of destiny, I have been to Amsterdam 5 times. Since I was 10. The last trip was with Dove a few years ago, where we watched a live sex show - I mean shex show - and got up to all sorts of mischief. So I'm feeling quite nostalgic and miss my little mate.

Well it should be interesting in any case. I'm slightly skeptical, and wonder if this may damage my perception of Amsterdammage forever - as in, it could be the worst most chaotic New Year's ever - or maybe, we'll end up spending out evening curled up next to a dijk.

Or a dyke.

Whatever. It might be surprisingly chilled out. Hope yours is too. Happy New Year!

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