Friday, March 23, 2012

friday yah


So I've been managing an exec visit for the last four days, and as a result, my normal life as I know it - eating normal meals, sleeping, being at a desk - has ceased to exist.

I'm back, and I have a Friday feeling. Balls on St Barts, thank fuck for Fridays.
The Brit is back from his work travels, and we are going out this evening to cook our own Korean food with some friends.

There's a place in Soho where you rock up, select your ingredients for your meal and cook it yourself. Novel. As long as it doesn't take any brain power whatsoever, and I can sip on wine directly from the bottle, I'll do this with a smile on my face.

Now that I am back on solid ground, what's actually going on around me?

Celebrities that look like mattresses
I've seen a few tumblrs in my time, but this has got to be the best.
Rule for making a great tumblr: [Name of a person/people] + [verb]+ [metaphor/noun].

So, [Celebrities]+ that [look] + [like mattresses]
Or, [Kim Jong Il] + [looking] + at [things] - here
Or, [Kim Jong Un] + [looking] + at [things] - here
Or, [Prince Harry] + [holding] + [things] - here

We made one of the Canadian at work. Sitting on things. Inside joke.

Love a good tumblr or meme. Blogs but better.

It's fucking summer
Totes the wrong thing to announce in England. Because you jinx everything. But it's 20 degrees outside! The clocks go back this weekend for Daylight Savings, which means it's officially British Summer Time.
I've put my coat away and replaced this with my Ted Baker mac, I'm contemplating dusting off my bike and bringing it out over the weekend. That's if I'm not too drunk.

...because I'll be at She Who Also Loves Tweed's hen party
It's probably going to be messy. Champagne, British spring and girls? What could possibly go wrong?

We are going to a manor house for Easter
I'll be UK-bound - chained? - for the next few months, as I renew my work permit and other visas. So for Easter, a bunch of us have booked into a rambling old country manor house near Bristol.
Cream scones and pimms much? Yes please. I think I might enjoy being stuck in England this spring. To be fair.

Best new word ever
Hilare. Not 'hilarious,' hilare. You sound like a right bell-end when you say it, but I fucking love it. Hilare is staying. And so is 'ronk.' Posh for 'rank.'

"It was totes ronk, but luckily rather hilare." Say it in red trousers on the King's Road and people will actually, actually believe you.

Weekend forecast? Warm, sunny, drunk and not ronk.
Get. In.

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The Chantal said...

yo going out but cooking your own food, I don't know....easier than shopping for each ingredient and no cleaning up right? well then it's okay, lol novel idea, but your clothes n hair will still smell from the cooking, as a once off sounds fun.

yay your bf's back :)